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If this is your first time here, then welcome. I’m here to help you to make and save money, by making simple tweaks and changes.

You may not want an explanation of what this site is about. If that is the case, free to click straight through to the category that interests you the most:






However, I think it’s good to tell our readers what we’re about, so they can navigate our website well.

On this blog I share the things that have helped me to make and save money. But it doesn’t all work and sometimes you may see results, but the hack could be too risky, or too time consuming for me to recommend. So I share that stuff too. That way, you’re informed and able to make your own mind up. Check out: no risk matched betting and the reasons I don’t think it exists for an example of what I’m talking about.

Money, Mind and Motherhood

I’ll help you to manage your mental health around your finances. I’ve been in debt, I’ve suffered with anxiety and I’m a mother. I also know that each of these things come with a particular set of challenges. So I try to help those who are feeling overwhelmed with tips and hacks to get through the rough days.

An image showing the pieces of the brain, being used as an illustration in an article about about making and saving money and mental health.

Food Talk

Food is linked to every aspect of our lives, so you’ll find plenty of food chat on this website. Expect to a range of different recipes and articles about cutting food waste.

Oh and I know, the Yorkshire puddings below look amazing and they are. This is how you get your Yorkshire puddings to rise every time, if you were wondering.

Food ideas - stop food waste and try new recipes

Friendly Chat

Each post on this blog has been written as if I’m speaking to a close friend, because I want this space to be real and authentic. So please read these articles in the spirit that they’re intended. I want you to imagine me chatting to you over a cuppa (or a beer).

Image shows two friends laughing, drinking beer. the picture has a green border. Used on a post about how to make and save money.

As this is a space for friends, I have a ‘life’ section where you’ll find posts such as: uses for Zoflora that you might not have thought of and how to book a cheap holiday in a post-pandemic world. Because these are the types of discussions that I regularly share with my pals. In my mind, anything that makes life easier and better is always worth talking about.

Anything else?

I hope this has given you a taste of what you’ll find on Stapo’s thrifty life hacks. If you want to find out more about me personally, then click on my About Me page. If you’re wondering about my professional background, then check out my Work With Me page and my writing portfolio.

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