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Your guide to wedding photograph planning

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My wedding was postponed due to the pandemic and we now plan to get hitched in May 2021. Our day will have to comply with whatever government regulations are in place at that time, but however it goes, getting photographs that capture the day will be at the top of my priority list. Here’s my guide to wedding photograph planning.

Working out your budget

Weddings are expensive and your photography will be one of your biggest outlays. So before you make any major decisions, sit down and work out how much you can afford to spend on this. 

Finding your photographer 

Many people book a formal photographer and finding that person will be a very personal decision. It is worth asking friends and colleagues if they have a recommendation, or you could post on your social media pages, asking your wider network. Alternatively, if you’re able to visit a wedding fayre, then you’ll probably encounter photographers advertising there. If you’re looking to save some cash, then it might also be worth considering a student. 

Whatever route you go down to choose your photographer, ensure you see plenty of examples of their work before you commit. You should also ask key questions so you can determine that they’re the photographer for you.

Utilising your guests

Most people have a smartphone these days, which often produce top-quality images. So make sure you get access to your guest’s’ pictures by doing some wedding photo sharing. That way, you’ll get to see your wedding day from a variety of different angles and perspectives. 

Making a wedding photo checklist

You should take some time to come up with a list of photos you’d like to recreate. Think about contemporary shots as well as traditional ones. You can get as creative as you want with this. It’s your day, so you make the rules! If you decide you want a picture of yourself and your husband stood in a field in wellies, then go for it. Your wedding day is a reflection on you both and your wedding photos should capture your love and your personality. 

Facilitating the shot

Some image ideas will be down to your photographer to facilitate, so make sure you communicate them. 

But others will be dependent on your guests and you can subtly encourage people to do certain things. If you want fun dancefloor shots then consider buying some party props for your guests to pose with. Think inflatable guitars, plastic microphones and giant sparkly glasses. If you’d like a confetti shot that matches your colour scheme then you could buy some to provide your guests with.

It’s one thing choosing the images you’d like, but you need to go further than that and make sure that the shots are able to happen. 

Enjoy it

Try to enjoy the big day itself. If your uncle George is missing from the group family shot, or your nephew isn’t looking at the camera, then it’s not the end of the world. But if you enjoy the moment and you’ve considered the photos you’d like to end up with and how you plan to get them, then some of those shots will come off. You may also end up with some additional corkers that you’d never even envisioned. 


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