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Crafts that can save you cash | This creative craft could save you hundreds

This creative kids craft could save you hundreds

I’m always looking for creative craft ideas for my toddler. But there’s one crafty hack which has saved me hundreds. Here, I explain:

When my son was born, I bought a plain packet of cards and some poster paint. I hoped that we would be able to use these items on a rainy afternoon. But actually, it’s accidentally saved me hundreds of pounds.

How did you manage that?

I’m not particularly crafty. But I do enjoy creative crafts that are easy to do.

Card making isn’t something I’ve ever tried my hand at. Mainly because I don’t have the skills. But greetings cards cost around £2 on average and we write them for everything. Christmas, birthday, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, engagements, weddings. The list goes on.

Our house is no exception and since my son came along, I liked him to send cards to his loved ones, but I soon found out that our homemade designs received the warmest receptions.

How do you create decent cards?

Well, I’m not sure these cards would be described as ‘decent’ and they’re definitely not a work of art. But we tend to use my son’s hands and feet to make pretty designs. You can clearly tell they’re handmade, but in a way that adds to the charm! Also, the best thing about creative crafts that involve the hands and feet of small children is there’s room for error. Nobody really cares what it looks like!

My son’s Gran has actually made permanent decorations out of his cards, by framing four of them on the wall. So although an artist didn’t create them, she seems to think they’re worth displaying!

This creative kids craft could save you hundreds

What types of designs can you make?

You’d be surprised by what you can design by combining some basic painting skills with mini sets of hands and feet. If you need inspiration then Pinterest is a good place to look!

I have made feet love hearts, mistle-toes, feet robins, Christmas tree hands and a lot of other designs!

This creative kids craft could save you hundreds - christmas cards ideas for kids

Where’s the saving with this craft?

If you make cards then you don’t have to buy them. I bought 40 blank cards for £3.99, some Crayola washable paints for £6.99 and some felt tip pens for £2. So in total I spent around £13 on supplies and I saved around £80 per pack of cards! This is a seriously simple way of saving the best part of £70.

As my little boy gets older, I am sure that he will find his own way to design cards and hopefully people will be equally as charmed by them.

This creative kids craft could save you hundreds

Is it worth it?

Buying blank cards is one of the best things I did when my little boy was born. We have honestly saved a small fortune. But aside from the monetary saving, I think it’s nice to encourage creativity in your children and to teach your kids to make and give gift cards. This creative craft has saved us on many a rainy afternoon and I’ve been relieved to have blank cards in the cupboard on the numerous occasions where I’ve forgotten an occasion and I’ve realise don the morning of!

I believe that changes like this can add up to become life changing. So if you haven’t already, add some blank cards, washable paints and felt tips to your shopping list. Not only is this an activity that will bring you hours of joy, but it will save you cash too! This is a great creative craft that literally anybody can try.

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