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The best frozen vegetables to buy

The image shows three bags of frozen onions in a freezer. The image has a green border around it.

“Oh, frozen vegetables, that’s a good idea. I should buy those.” I’m always shocked when I hear it. And it happens a lot, often in the checkout queue. To me it’s baffling that some people don’t buy the frozen stuff and as a family, we easily go through six bags each month. But what are he best frozen vegetables to buy?

Why do I buy frozen vegetables?

Frozen vegetables are cheap, you can pick up a 750g bag for around £1.30. You can buy it in most supermarkets, although you may struggle to get it in smaller stores.

It lasts in the freezer for as long as you need it to. Or until it runs out in my case. And it’s already peeled and chopped. 

I use it a lot. In fact, frozen veg creates the base of most of my slow cooker wonders.

My favourites

Frozen onions are a personal favourite, because who wants to be chopping onions on the regular? They smell and they make you cry. I’ve been known to cut my hand with a knife before now too. Garden peas are my other essential. 

Some people peel, chop, prepare and freeze their own veg. That’s not for me. I use it to save time. But I’d consider doing this if I spied some fresh veg in the yellow sticker section of the supermarket.

This picture shows some frozen peas and written over the image it says: ‘Hacks -- a shopping essential -- frozen vegetables.’

Is it worth it?

I’m certainly not advocating that you only buy frozen vegetables from here on in. I personally can’t stand frozen broccoli florets, carrots, stir-fry mixes and Mediterranean veg, as it doesn’t taste fresh to me and I’m often left with a pool of water in the pan. However, I can’t understand why frozen onions, mushrooms, peppers and garden peas aren’t a regular on the shopping list for all households. I mean I wouldn’t lob them in a fresh salad, or on a sandwich, but they’re a winner in any sauce, stew or curry and I make plenty of those in my slow cooker.

You have to be selective when it comes to purchasing frozen veg and it very much comes down to personal preference. However, if you haven’t ventured down the frozen vegetable aisle before, then I suggest that you give it a try. It will probably save you money and make your life that tiny bit easier.

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