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Shoppix: the receipt app you need to download

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“What are you doing?” my mummy mate said. “Oh, I’m just snapping my receipts on the Shoppix app,” I replied. That was at the start of my maternity leave and by the end, three more pals were using the app. 

What is Shoppix?

Shoppix is a free app that you can use to take pictures of your receipts. You’re then asked who made the purchase and how likely you’d be to recommend the store. You get tokens in return for this information, that you can convert into cash or a gift card. Cash is sent to your PayPal account, or you can choose between an Amazon, iTunes or a Love2Shop gift card. 

I only use the Shoppix app to record purchases I’ve made in person. The app gave me the opportunity to track my online purchases, but I found the process clunky, so I didn’t complete it. Instead, I get money back on my online purchases through TopCashback

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How many tokens do I need?

You need 3,200 tokens to cash out £5, 6000 tokens for £10 and 11500 tokens for £20. I think it makes sense to cash out as soon as you hit £5, because the app seems to incentivise you to continue after cashing out. It also feels less of a slog for £5, which is welcome, as the road to £20 seems never ending.  

You get 30 tokens for snapping your receipt on the day of purchase and 25 tokens if you record it within a week. Older receipts won’t be accepted, so it’s best to get into the habit of doing this as soon as you’ve made your purchase. Receipts are also rejected for being too blurry, or for not having the date printed clearly. I always appeal these decisions and around half of the time they’re reversed and I receive my tokens. 

Shoppix regularly asks users to complete short surveys and you’ll receive a virtual scratchcard for each one you do. You’re asked to do surveys related to the receipts you submit, as well as others that are seasonal. The surveys usually take about a minute to complete and you get a scratchcard for your trouble. Each scratchcard rewards you with between 0 and 100 tokens and each one earns you an entry into the weekly prize draw where you can win between 2,000 and 10,000 tokens (although I’m yet to win personally, despite having used the app for over 18 months).  

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Is it worth it?

You might have done the maths. At 30 tokens a pop, you’ll need to upload over 100 receipts to claim £5. That seems a lot, but as each receipt takes seconds to upload and there are other speedy ways to collect tokens, I think it’s worth doing.

Within the past 18 months I’ve earned £35 in Amazon vouchers, which isn’t a huge amount of money. But I’m making use of receipts that I’d receive anyway and I find it handy to have them all logged in one place, so I’ll continue to snap away. 

The Shoppix app is available for free via the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.

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