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Save Our Snags and wear tights that fit

Three pairs of legs stood on a cobbled street. They are all wearing Snag Tights. The first person is wearing green-coloured tights, the second person is wearing burnt-orange-coloured tights and the third is wearing deep-red-coloured tights. You can see a puddle in front of the three people and you can see part of their reflection within the puddle.

Update: 2 May, 2020. The Save Our Snags campaign was a success and the 2-for-1 voucher is no longer purchasable. Please continue reading to discover the 8 reasons why I love Snag Tights. Or head to an article about another brand I love: mog + bug.

Snap up a Snag Tights 2-for-1 voucher today. With this never-before-seen offer, not only will you get two pairs of tights that actually fit, but you’ll be helping to keep an amazing company afloat. Snag Tights has launched its Save Our Snags 2-for-1 deal, because it needs our help to survive the coronavirus pandemic. If fans of the brand and curious potential customers don’t act now, then Snag Tights could go bust this summer. 

What are Snag Tights?

Snag Tights is an online retailer that produces tights that fit everybody, regardless of their size, shape, or gender. The company, which launched in 2018, has a loyal following, because people love the product. 

What’s Save Our Snags all about?

The coronavirus crisis has hit the economy hard and Snag Tights isn’t immune. The company is one of the unfortunate few to fall through the cracks of the UK Government’s bail-out plan.

On 27 April, 2020, Brie Read, the entrepreneur behind Snag Tights, wrote to all customers. This was an unusual step from Snag, because they don’t usually send out emails. But it was clear, on this occasion, that they had to act. 

Read explained that sales had dipped as a result of the pandemic and that the firm needed cash urgently to stay afloat. So they’ve launched the Save Our Snags (SOS) 2-for-voucher. 

Snag Tights usually cost £6.99 a pair and they never run promotions. Instead, they give customers 10% off if they buy 3 or more products, 15% off if they buy 5 or more products and 25% off if they buy 10 or more products. A stand-alone-2-for-1 deal? That’s unheard of from Snag.

There is one caveat with this offer; you can’t use your Save Our Snags (SOS) 2-for-1 voucher until 1 November 2020. But with summer just around the corner, you might not be in the market for new tights at the moment anyway. 

Snag Tights has launched this deal to help them get through a tricky financial period, but by helping them to Save Our Snags, you get an amazing deal yourself. 

Why do I love Snags?

I’m pretty passionate about Snag Tights. But why?

1) They’re comfortable and they fit well

How many times have you had tights on that have started to roll down? And how many times have you put a ladder in your tights trying to pull them up?

With Snag Tights you won’t have this issue. They actually fit. They’re comfortable too. I often forget I’m wearing them.

2) The brand is inclusive

According to Snag Tights, they created the company because they believe “that anyone who wants to wear tights should be able to have tights that genuinely fit in comfort, regardless of size, shape, age or gender.” And it seems that they practice what they preach. All tights are available in UK sizes 6-36 and Snag showcases a range of people modelling their tights. 

As a plus sized woman myself, it is nice not to feel ostracised by a fashion brand and it’s good to see a company embracing such a wide range of people.

3) The colours

Why would you buy plain black tights when you can purchase some in Raspberry Pie, Shepherd’s Delight, or Suffragette Purple? Snag Tights has a range of different colours that really make your outfit pop. They have limited edition tights too, which vary depending on the season.

I find that wearing these tights adds a slice of fun to some of my more mundane outfits and the number of people that comment is unreal. People are always asking me where I got my tights from.

4) They wash well

Gosh, sometimes I can tell I’m a mother, coming out with comments like this. But it’s true! These tights wash well and they don’t lose their vibrant colour, or shape. No matter how many times you throw them in the washing machine.

5) I’m yet to ladder a pair

I haven’t laddered a single pair of Snag Tights. This is quite an achievement, as I’ve been known to ladder other brands before I’ve even left the house. A whole winter without a ladder has to be a personal record for me. 

6) The packaging

These tights are individually wrapped in tissue paper. You can tell that time and care has gone into packaging this product. This is a premium item and I always feel happy when I open a Snag Tights delivery. It’s almost like unwrapping a gift from a friend.

7) They don’t pester you

If you buy some tights from Snag and they have your email address, then they will respect it. You won’t receive an endless stream of emails from them. 

8) They offer great value

Snag Tights might not be the cheapest in the market, but they offer great value. In the past, I’ve found that if I buy cheap, I buy twice. So I’d rather invest in some Snag Tights as I know they will last the course. 

Is it worth it?

When I started this blog, I wanted to tell you about the things that had improved my life. In case they could improve yours too. There are certain products that fall into this category and Snag Tights is one of them. 

I didn’t receive a payment or an incentive to write this article. But Snag Tights is a product I love and it would be a massive shame if the company went bust. If you’re a fan of Snag, then I’m sure you already plan to help the company out. If not, snap up a Save Our Snags voucher and find out why this company is so great for yourself.

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