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Money, Save It

How to save money and live better

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They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but I don’t think that’s true. Money can help you to lead a better, more fulfilled life. However, I believe that it’s saving money, not spending money, that will lead you to true fulfilment. But is it possible to save money and live better? Absolutely! 

The formula to success

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1) Focus on financial contentment

I don’t think that many things beat the feeling of being financially content. Knowing you have money in the bank to pay your bills and that you have a rainy day fund in case things go wrong, is a powerful feeling. The feeling you get from owning a material item doesn’t come close. So focus on having cash in the bank, rather than on an expensive piece of clothing.

2) Value people, not things

If they took a step back, then most people would agree that people and relationships are what matters, not what car they drive or who designed their favourite handbag.

Of course, not all relationships are positive ones. But by focusing on positive, fulfilling relationships and nurturing them, you may find that you’re happier as a result. 

3) Reclaim negative energy

From the days of racing around the playground, we are programmed to want to win. We are also programmed to want the best, so we can fit in with our peers. The best stationery, the best school shoes, the best school bag. But constantly keeping up with what others are doing is exhausting and expensive. When you stop caring, you free up money that you can save and energy which can be better spent on your personal growth.  

4) Enjoy treats

Going out for a meal or to a bar for drinks is the norm for some. But if you do something regularly, then you start to take it for granted. But if you do something as a treat, then you will appreciate it and value the moment.

5) Eat better food

I do believe it’s possible to eat better for less. Takeaway food and eating in restaurants can prove expensive, but you can make a tasty homemade meal for pennies. 

Not everybody can cook, but it is a skill that you can learn. Check out my post on dump bags for a really simple way of cooking.

6) Make the most of your surroundings

I used to love mini breaks and I’d often have up to eight holidays each year. However, despite exploring different cities and countries, I didn’t always appreciate what was on my doorstep.

Most people live near beauty, but some choose to overlook it whist pursuing other adventures. If you decide to save money then you may find that you live a better life because you’re exploring what’s at your finger tips, rather than waiting for a holiday as an excuse to go somewhere new.

7) Learn to love in other ways

A lot of people tell me that they show their affection by showering their loved ones with gifts. Of course it is nice to treat those you love. But perhaps you can treat them in a different way. Give the gift of time, put your love into a homemade meal or a picnic. Using imagination and showing thought is worth more than an expensive gift. 

8) Hunt out bargains

Some things you want, some things you need, but if you seek out bargains, then you can get the same item for less. This allows you to save as well as consume.   

9) Enjoy free fun

It is possible to have free fun. Laughing, walking, sex. It’s all free and it’s all good for the soul.

10) Buy choice

They say that if you have money you’re rich, but if you have time, you’re wealthy. Well saving money can buy you choice and choice is a powerful thing that can lead to a better life. 

You can choose not to take overtime, you can choose to flex your household budget, you can choose to treat your kids. If you don’t have savings then it isn’t always possible to do that. 

11) Focus on what you have

People often think about what they don’t have and what they’d like. But if you focus on what you have, then you will feel richer.

Is it worth it?

Saving money has a lot of benefits, but when working out how to save money and live better, it’s important to look at your perspective. To make it work you need to make the most of what you have and appreciate people and experiences. It will be worth it when you’re leading a better, happier life, with savings in the bank.

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  1. I think we have all learnt to appreciate the simple things in life over the last few months. We realise how important it is to be able to spend time with family and friends.

  2. When we moved in with my in laws to save money for a house I thought it would be so hard, but I really enjoyed just slowing down and finding other ways to enjoy myself

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