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Ways to enjoy a rainy caravan holiday

Ways to enjoy a rainy caravan holiday - make sure you are prepared for all weather

If you’re staying in a caravan, then the chances are that it could rain. So how can you ensure that you enjoy your rainy caravan holiday? I believe it’s possible, especially if you prepare in advance. Here, I share my top tips.

Expect that it’s probably going to rain

If you’re going away in the UK, then it’s probably going to rain. Even if you choose to go away in the summer months. If you’re lucky, you may happen to book a trip during a heat wave, but you can’t order the weather. Nothing is guaranteed. Even if you’re heading for the south coast like we usually do (we enjoy holidaying in the Chichester area).

Whilst I normally fly the flag of positivity and encourage people to hope for the best, if you want to enjoy your rainy caravan holiday, then you should expect it to throw down the whole time. Then, if the weather does happen to be decent, it will be a pleasant surprise.

Don’t let it stop you

If you’ve got your heart set on swimming in the river by the caravan site, or on having a beach day, then don’t let the weather stop you. Granted, wild swimming and making sand castles may be preferable in the sunshine, but it’s not a prerequisite. You can still do those things in the rain.

Ways to enjoy a rainy caravan holiday

Bring board games

If you do end up at a loose end on a damp Sunday afternoon, then it makes sense to have some board games that you can pull out. That way, the family will be entertained even if the weather is grim. So make sure you pack a couple of family favourites, like Monopoly, or Connect4 and take a pack of cards for good measure.

Pre-load the kids’ tablets

If you’re anything like me, then you envision family holidays to be free of all screens. Everybody can just be together, enjoying one another’s company. Yes, I know, it’s never the reality, is it? And if it does start to pour down, then you might be grateful that you loaded up the Fire 7 Kids tablet with Peppa Pig before you left, so you have something at hand to entertain your three year old!

Plan rainy caravan holiday activities

Before I go on holiday I always have a list of potential holiday activities. We are fans of the Chichester Lakeside Holiday Park and being from the north, we often find that the weather down there is much more favourable, but you can’t take anything for granted.

I don’t plan things rigidly, I just like to know what options are available before we get there. But it makes sense to have options on your list that aren’t weather dependent. So research rainy day activities before you go away.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Cinemas and appropriate family films
  • Swimming pools
  • Soft play centres
  • Aquariums
  • Crazy golf
  • Indoor shopping centres
  • Museums
  • Safari parks
  • Arcades

Bring the right gear

They says that there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing. And it’s true. So you need to make sure you go away prepared. Snap up some affordable hiking gear and make sure you throw it in the boot before going away on your UK break.

Take it as it comes

If the weather forecast looks bleak, then don’t sweat it. Instead, just take it as it comes. You can’t control the weather, so don’t worry about it and you’ve prepared for a rainy caravan holiday anyway, so if it happens, you’ll make the most of it.

Focus on the change of scene

Getting away is lovely, so try to enjoy being in a different environment. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is like. Being in different surroundings with good company is what counts. If you get the weather, it is a welcome bonus, but we always have fun on our caravan holidays regardless. I hope that these tips help you to have a good time as well.

Hacks: ways to make the most of your rainy caravan holiday