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Rainbow art | Create beautiful art at home with these fun rainbow craft ideas

rainbow art - craft ideas

Rainbows are a symbol of hope and the arts are often used to express our thoughts and feelings. If you would like to bring some love, light and luck into your home then why not create some rainbow art? If you’re looking to for ideas that the children can have a go at too, then we’ve got your covered with this rundown of craft ideas.

1) Rainbow suncatcher

rainbow sun catcher

This beautiful rainbow heart suncatcher from is both simple and effective. Anybody can have a go at this. From young kids, to adults. And despite being easy to do, the result will be super eye-catching. If you’re looking to make some DIY rainbow wall art, this could be just the ticket!

2) Card rainbow

paper rainbow craft

This paper rainbow from is both simple and effective. You only need a few simple supplies and it’s likely that most of them will already be sat in your craft cupboard.

3) Rainbow necklace

rainbow art - a necklace

When I was a kid, I used to love making my own jewellery. This beaded rainbow necklace from is a great idea for older children who want to get involved with a rainbow craft. The design covered here is pretty simple, but there’s no end to the range of designs that you could come up with.

4) A pot of gold

Pot of gold glitter open on its side.

I usually make my pots of gold at Christmastime, as a small, fun gift. But actually, this is one rainbow craft that you could attempt at any point during the year!

These pots all contain gold coloured treats and they wish the recipient luck.

5) Blow rainbows

rainbow blowers

These cardboard tube rainbow blowers from are perfect if you’re looking for some rainbow art that your toddler can create. This idea is super simple and super fun.

6) Felt pillow

rainbow pillow

You might think that this felt rainbow pillow from is beyond your skillset, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. It looks like a rainbow art print, yet it’s been created without the mess of ink. The finished product is really cute as well. If your child decides to make one these, it’s sure to take pride of place afterwards in their bedroom.

7) Painted stone rainbow art

painted stones rainbow art

This painted stone rainbow from is something that anybody can do. This activity has three parts too; you need to source the stones, paint them and then create your unique piece of rainbow art. You could create your masterpiece at the front of your home, for passersby to admire.

8) Make a corner bookmark

corner bookmark


This corner bookmark from is a great craft for younger children to get involved with. Especially if they’ve recently started to learn to read. You don’t need many craft supplies to make this either; just some coloured card, a sharpie, some glue and some scissors.

9) Tissue paper rainbow

tissue paper rainbow

You don’t have to be an award-winning artist to try your hand at this tissue paper rainbow art from, but it’s still effective and eye catching. We’d be tempted to add some stars to the canvas too.

If you’d like to create your own nursery wall art, then this would look playful and fun on your baby’s bedroom wall. It would be unique too, you won’t be able to buy anything like this in the shop.

10) Pot of gold paper chain

Pot of gold paper chain

This pot of gold paper chain from is utterly adorable. This rainbow coloured paper chain has a pot of gold at one end and a lucky leprechaun hat at the other. This would be a great decoration for those celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

11) A paper plate rainbow

paper plate craft

This paper plate rainbow from could be hung in the window, or simply on the wall. It’s the perfect paper craft for younger children.

12) Shamrock puppet

Shamrock puppet 

These shamrock puppets from are a lot of fun and small children will enjoy pushing the shamrock up and down. This might not be a sophisticated art project, but some crafts aren’t and this one would still a lot of fun to make!

13) Wool rainbow art

Wool rainbow art

If you have some wool lying around and you’re wondering what to make with it, then you should consider making this wool rainbow wall hanging from

14) An abstract stained glass rainbow

stained glass rainbow

This stained glass rainbow craft from looks brilliant in the window and it’s something that people of all abilities can attempt. It’s a fun piece of abstract rainbow art that the kids will love to get involved it. You could make them in different sizes too.

15) Crystal rainbow art

crystal rainbow

We think this crystal rainbow from looks brilliant. You have to leave it overnight, but you can guarantee the kids will be excited to see it again in the morning.

16) Toilet roll crafts

rainbow butterfly

This toilet roll rainbow butterfly from is really easy to create. One for the whole family to join in and make.

17) Beaded suncatcher

Beaded Suncatcher

We think this fused bead rainbow suncatcher from looks absolutely stunning. It’s easy to make as well, but you will need the help of an oven.

18) 3D paper rainbow craft

simple paper rainbow

This simple 3D paper rainbow craft from is a fun one for kids of all ages to attempt. Be sure to get the cotton wool our ready!

19) Rainbow friendship bracelet

rainbow friendship bracelet

It’s nice to gift for a friend a homemade craft and this rainbow friendship bracelets from is really easy to create. You can personalise them as well!

Rainbows and the arts

The thing I love about rainbow art is that it’s accessible to all and it can be as abstract as you wnat it to be. Anybody, from a baby through to an adult can get involved with these craft projects and make somebody smile. We are taught to look for rainbows after a storm and we do that metaphorically too, that’s why people are always quick to crack a smile when they see a piece of rainbow art.

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