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Postponed! How to spend your would be wedding day

Empty seats. They have been dressed for a wedding.

People postpone their weddings for a number of reasons. Perhaps the stress of organising it got too much, maybe you ran out of money, or perhaps the family sadly suffered a bereavement. Whatever the reason, I know one thing: a postponed wedding comes with a heap of emotion. Sadness, anticipation, anger. So when you’ve postponed your nuptials, how do you spend your would be wedding day? 

Our postponed wedding

We were supposed to get married today (18 August, 2020). It was going to be the day I said ‘I do’ to the man I love in Gretna Green. We were going to follow this up with a church blessing and a big party a few days later. However, like many others, we postponed our wedding day when it became apparent that the global pandemic was going to prevent us from safely having the day we wanted. 

I’ve been eagerly watching other bride and grooms-to-be come up with suggestions for celebrating the false start. The day they should have become Mrs and Mrs. So here’s a rundown of what others have done. If you’ve had to postpone your day too, then perhaps you’ll find your own would be wedding day inspiration.

Accept that sh1t happens

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. That’s a fact of life. But it isn’t always personal, even if it feels that way. Things happen that are beyond our control and learning to accept that is part of what makes us prosper. 

It’s just a day

Your would be wedding will fall on a day. There are seven days in a week, up to 31 in a month and up to 366 in a year. Your original wedding date is just a day like any other. 

One bride-to-be told me that she went to Aldi in her pyjamas on her would be wedding day, as she didn’t see the need to mark it. She explained that she’d been with her fiance for years and that waiting another 12 months wouldn’t make much difference. 

You might feel like you want to mark your original date and if you do then great. However, getting on with life is also okay.  

Cake and champagne

Who needs an excuse to drink champagne and eat cake? Well if you were looking for one, the day when you were supposed to get hitched is as good a reason as any. 

Maybe you’ll want to enjoy some bubbles and sweet treats with others. But if you want to drink fizz and eat cake in bed with your intended, then why the hell not?

A small party

You could have a small BBQ or a gathering with a couple of close family members to mark the original date. Spending time with the people you love might perk you up if you’re feeling down. It will also give you the opportunity to chat about how amazing your big day will be when it does roll around. 

A date for two

Maybe you don’t want to get together with others. But why not spend some quality time with your intended? You could go out for a meal or eat in. Just spending time together to reflect might be all you need to get through the day. 

Go away

There’s a chance that you’ll want to be doing something completely different on your would be wedding day. If that’s the case then you could book a staycation in a hotel. Dealing with a postponed wedding day isn’t easy and nobody would blame you for wanting to take your mind off what you should have been doing.

A of a wedding cake. The text over the image reads: Hacks: how to spend your would be wedding day.

My plan

When we postponed our wedding we had a few ideas about how we could mark the original date. We looked into going away on holiday and I considered changing my name to my married one by Deed Poll. But as it is, I’m more likely to be spotted in my local Aldi store in my pyjamas. After all, I’ll need to buy some cake and some fizz to drink in bed!

If you’ve postponed your wedding day, how did you spend the original date?

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