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How to make a personalised Christmas sack and stocking when you’re not particularly crafty

The image shows some bear fabric. The bears are wearing green festive clothing. The letters ART ST can be seen sewed onto the fabric. This fabric forms part of a personlised Christmas sack. The image has a green border.

I’m a big fan of Christmas, so festive joy is a gift that I want to pass down to my son. To make Father Christmas’s visit that bit more magical, I decided to make my little one a personalised Christmas sack, with a matching stocking. But I’m not particularly crafty, so how did I manage it?

Choosing a fabric

I went to a fabric store to see what they had in stock. By chance I happened to stumble across the perfect design for our son, a festive green design featuring bears. I bought two metres worth in total and I also purchased a couple of sheets of felt, as I wanted to personalise my designs with my son’s name. In total I spend around £15. If I hadn’t had any luck on the highstreet, I’d have looked online.

Shoddy sewing skills

I don’t have the sewing skills needed to make a personalised Christmas sack and stocking. I have the desire to do it, but I haven’t used a sewing machine since I was about 14 and I certainly don’t feel confident behind one. My mother-in-law-to-be on the other hand, is a bit of a sewing whiz, so I asked if she’d help me.

If you fancy making something like this, but you don’t have the skills or the confidence to do it yourself, then it’s worth asking a friend or a family member to help. Because people love to craft and they love to help. If you can’t think of anybody that fits that bill, then you could attempt to teach yourself, using on of the many YouTube tutorials that are available.  

The image shows a hanging Christmas sack. The writing over the image reads: 'hacks: is making a personalised Christmas sack & stocking worth it?'

Creating the sack

The sack took about 15 hours to make. The bulk of the time was taken hand sewing the felt letters. I added my son’s full name to the front (so that Father Christmas would know who the sack belonged to).

Using freehand, I drew bubble letters onto the felt using pencil. I then cut the individual letters out and I used hemming web to attach each letter to the sack. I then sewed around each letter, using a very basic stitch.

Once the letters had been added, my mother-in-law-to-be used her sewing machine to create the sack. She added a gap at the top, for a cord. Adding that cord was probably the trickiest part of the whole process. We used a knitting needle to pull it through.

The image shows a Christmas sticking with the letter A sewn onto it.

Creating the stocking

The sack took longer to create than I’d expected, so I waited a year before starting the stocking.

With the stocking I traced the shape out onto newspaper, I pinned it to the material and cut it out. I also drew a large ‘A’ letter onto the felt in pencil, cut it out and hand sewed it onto the material.  

The sewing machine was used to sew the two pieces of stocking-shaped material together and I hand sewed some white felt to the top (which had been left over from another project). A hook was also made out of the offcuts and it was added to the corner of the stocking.

In total, it only took about three hours to make the stocking. That was largely because I only added a single letter.

Is it worth it?

It was slightly more expensive to buy material to make these two items then it would have been to buy them in a shop. I also would have saved myself around 15 hours if I’d bought premade ones. But I don’t think shop-bought items always have the same love and effort attached. 

Of course, these two projects were beyond my skillset. If I didn’t have somebody on hand to help, then I’d add personalised additions to a pre-made sack and stocking. I’m sure it would be relatively easy to add felt letters and other simple bits of personalisation to something I’d pre-bought.

If we are blessed with a second child, then I’ll absolutely endeavour to make them a personalised Christmas sack, with a matching stocking. I’m really happy with how these two creations turned out and I think they’ll be lovely to use as the years go by.

So if, like me, you love Christmas, then I would recommend making a personalised Christmas sack and stocking. You’ll be left with a unique keepsake to be enjoyed for years to come.

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