Lockdown at my house

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Being locked down in the house during the COVID-19 pandemic has made me stop and take note of my home and its surroundings. As I’ve spent so much time in the house, I feel I’ve grown a new appreciation for where I live, but at the same time, I’ve highlighted some key changes that I’d like to make.

Some background

I live in Greater Manchester, in a three-bedroom mid-terrace house with my partner and our 18-month-old son. Our house dates back to Victorian era and whilst it’s very spacious, it’s what could be described as a doer-upper.

What I love

1) Having a backyard

We only have a small back yard and it was full of rubbish and we weren’t utilising it. However, we used lockdown to clear the area. We bought some new storage and made a sand pit for our son to play in.

I found that I’ve really appreciated that outdoor space during lockdown. And instead of pining over the spacious gardens that some of my friends and my family members have, I felt content with the space we do have.

2) Having room for an office

As soon as the pandemic hit, both myself and my partner found ourselves working from home. In order to separate work and home life, we converted our front room into a double office. It was so good having a separate area to work in. I realise that not everybody has the space to do that and I feel very grateful that we do.

3) Being close to lots of green space

I’d never really paid attention to the green space in our local area before. We usually drive out of the town where we live to go for long walks. However, during lockdown we didn’t have that option, so we explored more of our local area. I have discovered a duck pond, some woods and two lakes. They’re all within walking distance of my house, but I’d not visited before lockdown.

What I’d change

1) The windows

When the economy restarted, our next-door neighbour called to explain that she’d planned to have her walls and window frames sand blasted. This process involves paint being blasted surfaces off using water and small abrasive articles. Our neighbour asked if we’d like her to get a quote for our property too. The stonework around our home had layers and layers of paint on it, as did the window frames. We’d like to get some new aluminium windows at some point over the next couple of years, so we thought it made sense to get the paint removed from this area. The work has been done and the area does look better, but the windows are something we really need to save up for and change.

2) The décor

The décor in our house is a little dated and spending lots of time indoors made me want to make some key changes. I would like to get a new rug for the living room and to paint the walls a lighter colour to make it feel more spacious. I’d also like to decorate the main bedroom; the wallpaper is quite faded, so I’d like to replace it with something new.

3) Our backyard furniture

Although we have some new plants, storage boxes and a sandpit in our back yard, I’d still like to upgrade our garden furniture. We are currently using a picnic bench which has seen better days. But it’s functional at the moment, so we will use it until we find an alternative that we like that’s within our price range.

What about you?

Has lockdown made you love where you live? Has it highlighted some jobs that you’d like to complete? Let me know in the comments below.

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