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Make a Valentine’s teddy bear | This simple paper teddy bear craft is the perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's teddy bear - paper bear craft

Make a Valentine’s teddy bear from paper this year, rather than buying another soft toy, which will be destined for landfill! This cute craft is simple, yet effective and anybody can do it!

Valentine’s Day is a funny old holiday isn’t it? Society tells us it’s the day of love and that we need to buy presents and gifts to show our loved one how much we care. Whilst it is nice to show affection, it is possible to do something meaningful without going over the top. If you’re looking for ways to spend the day, then hopefully my list of cheap Valentine’s Day ideas will give you some inspiration. But if you’d like to make your significant other a Valentine’s Day card, or you’re looking for a craft to do with little ones, then look no further!

This Valentine’s teddy bear craft will melt the coldest of hearts and it’s very simple to create!

The supplies you need to make your Valentine’s teddy bear

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Sharpie / gel pens
  • Pencils
  • Scissors

Valentine's teddy bear - craft supplies

Instructions for making your paper teddy bear

1) Get some pink craft paper and two different shades of brown paper to make your bear. Choose either pink or red coloured paper for the heart shapes and any coloured card of your choice as the background.

2) Trace the head and body base patterns on the darker shade of brown paper. Trace the mouth and the belly patterns on the light brown paper and trace the inner ear parts on the pink paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Valentine's teddy bear - cutting out each paper bear craft part

3) Attach the inner ear parts in the middle of the ear parts of the head pattern. Use a sharpie or a gel pen to draw the nose and the mouth of the bear on the mouth piece (round paper).

Valentine's teddy bear - adding ears and a face

4) Attach the belly cutout on the top side of the body base pattern, keeping the straight side of the belly cutout aligned with the top side of the body. Attach the mouth piece near the bottom side of the head.

Valentine's teddy bear - putting the bear craft together

5) Attach the head pattern on the top side of the body base pattern.

Valentine's teddy bear - attaching the head to the body

6) Use a sharpie or gel pen to draw the eyes of the papercraft bear figure.

7) Trace and cut out the heart shapes from the pink (or red) craft paper.

Valentine's teddy bear paper craft - cutting out pink and red harts

8) Fold the heart shapes into half, symmetrically. Get the card ready as well. The card should be big enough to fit the bear and three or more papercraft heart balloons.

Valentine's teddy bear paper craft - folding harts

9) Place and glue the papercraft bear on a side of the card, keeping enough space on either side of the bear (on the card) to attach the balloons. Use a sharpie to draw strings with each balloon and join them together on the bear’s hand.

Valentine's teddy bear paper craft - the completed paper craft

Who is this craft suitable for?

Anybody can create this paper bear, even toddlers (under guidance). This is a fun, simple way of saying I love and care about you, on Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Check out my ‘get crafty’ section for other ideas!

Make a paper Valentine’s teddy bear