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Make a Christmas tree spray | Preserve that Christmas tree scent and enjoy the smell of pine all year round

Fresh pine - make a Christmas tree spray

Who doesn’t love the smell of pine? It reminds us of crisp winter walks, roaring fires and comforting hot chocolate. Some of us even buy real Christmas trees, just so we can breathe in that comforting pine smell. But it doesn’t have to be a scent purely for December. Make your very own Christmas tree spray and enjoy it all year around.

Why would you want a pine Christmas tree spray?

For many, the fresh smell of pine reminds them of snowy winter walks and family moments around the Christmas tree. It’s a winter scent and if you like it and if the fresh smell of pine prompts happy memories, then why not enjoy it all year around? It’s understandable if you want to save it for the autumn and winter months though, as for many people, this is a seasonal scent.

If you decide to make a pine Christmas tree spray, you’ll be able to use it around your home, to bring the smell of forests, plants and gardens into your home. Freshen up curtains, cushions, or just the air in your living room! Some people also choose to use the spray within their cleaning ritual. You can do this too. I think that this scent works particularly well in the bathroom and toilet.

How to make your own Christmas tree spray

There is more than one way of making your own pine-rich Christmas tree spray. Here are three tried-and-tested methods:

1) Use branches off your Christmas tree

If it’s time to say goodbye to your Christmas tree, but it is still alive, then cut some branches off before you wave goodbye to the tree. You then simply do the following:

  • Add your Christmas tree branches to a large mason jar
  • Fill the jar up with white vinegar
  • Leave the jar for four weeks. (You can use the solution after just three days if you want, but the longer you leave it, the stronger the pine scent will be.)
  • Once your solution is ready, fill a spray bottle half way to the top with the solution and top it up with cooled water (that’s previously been boiled)

If you didn’t have a live Christmas tree yourself, see if you can use a couple of branches off a friend or neighbour’s tree. If that isn’t possible, then perhaps you could consider foraging for some pine needles.

Using sprigs of pine is definitely the most eco-friendly way of making a Christmas tree spray, so you should try to go down this route if you can!

2) Make a Sparking Spruce Zoflora spray bottle that smells of evergreen trees

I make no secret of the fact that I love Zoflora. It is very easy to make your own Zoflora spray that smells of pine needles and Christmas trees, you just need to buy yourself some Sparkling Spruce. Part of Zoflora’s seasonal collection, Sparkling Spruce smells of eucalyptus, with hints of pine, cedar and nutmeg. The smell reminds me of walking through a forest during the winter months.

I use my Zoflora spray throughout my house, to bring in scents from the garden indoors. I don’t have a single fresh plant in my home (because I kill them), so it’s nice to find an alternative way of bringing that fresh smell into my house. In all honesty, I must prefer fresh scents like Sparkling Spruce to berry and nutmeg smells.

To make your Christmas tree spray from Zoflora, just add 1.5 caps of Sparkling Spruce to an empty spray bottle and top it up with water. This creates a light disinfectant spray that smells great.

Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and odours, as well as filling your home with a beautiful long-lasting fragrance for at least 24 hours. There are loads of ways that you can use it, check out my handy guide so you can get the most out of your Zoflora bottle.

3) Get some pine essential oils

If you prefer the smell of pure pine, without any other scents creeping in, then get some pine essential oil. Add five tablespoons to some white wine vinegar. Get a spray bottle and fill it half way with the white wine vinegar solution. You can then top the bottle up with distilled water (chilled water that has previously been boiled in the kettle). If you decide to use essential oils, then you should be able to use the solution straight away, you won’t have to wait for it to infuse.

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Spray

Is it worth making your own Christmas tree spray?

If you love the smell of pine, then why not make a spray that you can use all-year-round? You can use the spray to freshen up you home and you can even work it into your home cleaning routine. Some people prefer to get an artificial tree and to use this Christmas tree spray to provide a scent similar to the one that a real tree brings.

Using Christmas tree branches is definitely the most sustainable way of making this spray. However, going down the Zoflora, or essential oil route, certainly beats buying a bottle of ready-made disinfectant spray.

So why not prolong the Christmas magic with one of these Christmas tree sprays? You’ll be able to catch the festive scent of December before the Christmas tree goes up, as well as after the tinsels, decorations, glitter and baubles have been packed away.