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Love and lockdown

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This has been a year like no other. Globally we have been forced to stay at home, as we collectively battle coronavirus. Although things are starting to return to normal, social distancing and face masks have become commonplace and people are reluctant to date as they once did. What does this mean for singles? Should you stop dating? Here are my top tips for juggling love and lockdown:

1) Accept it

Things aren’t like they once were and that’s okay. Some people aren’t feeling confident to go out yet and those that do are being more reserved than they usually would. But that’s okay and singles can adapt their approach to ensure that their love lives don’t suffer at the hands of the pandemic. You just need to accept that things have changed and that dating might not look like it once did. 

2) Utilise technology

As a society, the way we communicate has changed and people are much more comfortable using technology. This means that you can have a virtual date using Facetime, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Asking somebody to do a video call is no longer unusual, so embrace the technology and use it as you date.

3) Find your date online

The current climate makes meeting somebody at a bar or a club almost impossible. Some of these establishments have reopened, but social distancing measures mean that approaching strangers is trickier. With that in mind, you can use to find people to date. This is a free dating service, so it won’t cost you anything to join and use. 

4) Quiz with your date

I’ve mentioned technology and how we can use to communicate. But we can also use it to have fun. Why not challenge your date to a pub-style quiz? You could choose to compile a round on your favourite film genre or sport. 

5) Explore the great outdoors

You might decide that you want to meet up with your date. So why not make the most of the great outdoors? A picnic or a walk is a casual thing to do when you’re getting to know somebody. Just make sure that you’re safe. If you’ve never met the person before, it might make sense to visit a popular park or beauty spot so there are people around.

6) Embrace the changes

Dating during and after lockdown might feel strange at first. Quizzing with somebody you’ve never met before, or getting to know somebody by going on a walk (rather than to the pub) might not have been commonplace for you. But it’s important to embrace the change. Everybody in the world has been impacted by this pandemic and the situation may will probably feel unusual to your date too. If nothing else, these dating tweaks mean that you’ll have something to discuss if the conversation with your date runs dry.

7) Respect the rules

If you do start talking to somebody and you want to meet up out of the house, then that’s fine. But make sure you stick to the rules. 

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