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Leaving lockdown: 8 lessons to lead us to a brighter future

The picture shows a sign at the front of a tree-lined road, saying its closed due to a pandemic. The image is being used in an article about lessons we can carry forward with us as we are leaving lockdown. The image has a green boarder.

Leaving lockdown will be a gradual process, as the government balances protecting the public, with the economy. But hopefully there are some lockdown lessons we can take from all of this, to lead us to a brighter, happier future. Here at the lessons I hope to carry forward as I leave lockdown. 

The picture shows a group of people sat around a table, making a toast. Over the picture the text reads: ‘8 lessons that will lead us to a brighter future when we leave lockdown’.

1) Spending time as a family is important 

If you’ve been locked down with your immediate family, then you’ve probably spent more time together than you have in years. If you haven’t, then you’ve probably missed certain family members. This lockdown period has highlighted to many people just how important family time is. And hopefully we will all make it more of a priority going forward.

2) Appreciating our location 

Since lockdown, I’ve discovered a duck pound, a lake, two new playgrounds and some woods, and they’re all within walking distance of my house. Usually we venture out of the town we live in to exercise, but the lockdown has given me a greater appreciation of my immediate surroundings. There are some beautiful locations close to my house and I hope, after leaving lockdown, we won’t always jump in the car and drive to go for a walk. 

3) Appreciating our neighbours

Normally, as a family, we are so busy that we don’t give that much thought to our neighbours. A quick chat in the street or a wave when we drive past is the sum total of our interaction. 

But since lockdown, I’ve really grown to appreciate the value of good neighbours. Not only has it been lovely to see everybody on the doorstep cheering for the NHS staff at 8pm on a Thursday evening, but I have been speaking to my neighbours more than ever. Over the garden fence, as we pass on the street during walks, via Facebook and text. 

One neighbour didn’t know my name before lockdown, but he’s brought us fresh bread on three different occasions since. It’s leftover bread he’s picked up from the bakery where he works and he’s been keen to share it. I now know what his grandchildren are called, I know what his cats are called and he’s started stopping to wave at my son. None of this happened before.

Going forward, I would like to spend a bit more time interacting with my neighbours. There are some good people around and it’s a shame I’ve been too busy to notice that before now.  

4) The advantages of working from home 

Many people didn’t work from home until lockdown, but this crisis has proved that we have the technology to do some jobs well from the comfort of our homes. Working from home cuts costs for the employee who doesn’t have to travel to an office location and going forward it could save companies money on expensive office rentals. It’s possible that a 4-day week could also become a regular fixture for some. 

I’ve written an article about ways to increase your productivity whilst working from home, if you’re still trying to adapt.  

The image shows a man holding a baby in front of a computer screen. Next to the image is some text advertising a bundle of courses to help you to work from home productively.

5) Embracing technology

Who’d heard of Zoom pre-lockdown? I hadn’t, but I’ve been using it consistently for weeks now. Being forced to find new ways to communicate has made me embrace technology. It’s also made me more open to it. 

6) Making the best of what we have 

The lockdown lead to us to expand our home office space and I feel really grateful to have somewhere I can dedicate to learning and working. It’s also spurred us to clear up our backyard. Our son now has a sandpit in the back garden and we have a place to sit and enjoy the sun. But instead of lusting after the luscious gardens that others have, I’ve found that I appreciate our space. I am looking at ways to utilise it and to make it nicer to look at. This lockdown has made me look at what I have, rather than what I’d like and I want to continue to do that. 

7) Stuff is just stuff

During lockdown I have bought much less stuff. Things don’t matter. Family matters. Friends matter. Stuff is just… stuff.

If I can take this feeling into the future then my bank account we look a lot more healthy. 

8) The environment matters

There have been countless reports about the environment and how it’s improved since lockdown. Hopefully the public will begin to consider the environment more as things move forward and they will question if they need to make every journey.

Anything else?

Have I missed anything? What lessons do you hope to carry forward upon leaving lockdown?

10 thoughts on “Leaving lockdown: 8 lessons to lead us to a brighter future

  1. I do hope that these lessons are not forgotten in a hurry! Ive learnt that while i’m trying to homeschool 8 year old twins and entertain nearly 3 year old twins i’m not going to be one of those mums how has redecorated or found myself during lockdown! xx

  2. I agree, lockdown has definitely made me appreciate my family and my health. I’ve been lucky working from home and able to flex my hours around my family

  3. I’ve definitely been appreciating where i live more. Not just my house, but also my local area. Luckily, i have only got a 16 year old to homeschool, but he hasn’t always been a willing student! Great List!

  4. This is all so true, We are a very outdoorsy family, during lockdown I saw on Facebook so many more families were discovering walks that they didn’t know about. I don’t feel our lives changed hugely apart from homeschooling but I have enjoyed the initial slower pace of life and the quietness from the beginning.

  5. I hope to remember to spend more time at home as a family, sometimes we get so wrapped up in everyday life that we forget to take time out.

  6. I agree this has taught many lessons, I just hope people don’t forget them too quickly! I’ve loved having time to focus entirely on my 3 children and to make happy memories in our home. We’ve done crafts and baking galore, something we hadn’t done much of in the past. It’s been lovely x

  7. I agree. There has been many benefits to lock down and I hope some of it stays in our lives after lock down finishes in the future.

    Here in Australia we’d come a long way out of lock down but increases in cases means we are seeing in some places lock down happen again. Hopefully this time people feel better prepared and can take comfort in knowing lock down has its own benefits.

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