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Jack’s supermarket – 7 reasons why I’ll be returning

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I’m always trying to make my money stretch further, whist ensuring that I can create healthy family meals. So when I was asked if I wanted to do my weekly shop at discount supermarket Jack’s, I jumped at the chance.

Jack’s, which is part of the Tesco’s family, is a supermarket that (in its own words) “offers great-tasting food at low prices”. The chain is relatively small, with stores in the north of England and Yorkshire. I’d never shopped at Jack’s before, but after this visit I can confirm that I will return, here’s why:

1) There’s a great fresh range

Jack’s supermarket offers great value. I was particularly impressed by the fresh section and the ‘Fresh Five’ offer. The Fresh Five is (you guessed it) five items of discounted fruit and veg. I snapped up three peppers for 69p and 1kg of sweet potatoes for 79p. I also bought lots of other veggies, including celery, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, leeks, red cabbage, spring onions and broccoli. If you’re trying to save money on a tight budget, then offers like this are a lifesaver.

Now usually, when I go to the supermarket with my long list of fresh veg, something isn’t available. I end up having to go somewhere else for my parsnips, or my leaks, which is a personal pet peeve. But I managed to get all of the fresh fruit and veg that was on my list in Jack’s. I think this is partly down to Jack’s being within the Tesco’s family. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, Jack’s has some Tesco replacement products in stock, if the Jack’s branded equivalent is unavailable. This is only a temporary measure, to ensure that’s customers can get everything they need and it was helpful for me, as it meant that I didn’t have to visit a second supermarket to complete my shop.

2) There’s a bakery

Sometimes I’m put off discounted stores, because they they don’t tend have a fresh bakery section and I like to buy freshly made bread and pastries. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was an in-house bakery within Jack’s. There was a range of fresh bread, pastry and cakes on offer; and there was also somebody working in the bakery section too. This means that you wouldn’t need to find a shop assistant from elsewhere if you had a query.

3) My usual brands were available

I went into Jack’s with the intention of just getting my fresh essentials for the week. However, I ended up buying a lot more, because there were so many of my favourite brands on offer. I stocked up on items such as Quorn , Vimto, Diet Coke and Richmond Sausages. We are all trying to ensure that we keep our supermarket trips to the minimum at the moment, so I was glad to be able to stock up on some of freezer and store-cupboard essentials during my visit.

4) 100% fresh British meat

I don’t buy much meat, as I live with a vegetarian. But every now and again, I will make a Sunday roast, or purchase some chicken breasts. As I don’t buy meat that often, when I do get it, it has to meet a pretty strict criteria. I want it to be fresh, good value and British (to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum). I was pleased to see that Jack’s ticked my meaty boxes and I bought 1.2kg of chicken breasts for a very reasonable £5.14.

5) Jack’s supermarket has a middle aisle

Does anybody else get excited by ‘the middle aisle’? Well, Jack’s has one. The It’s Gone It’s Gone (WIGIG) middle aisle has a selection of branded products available and new products are added every Thursday. I spotted Yankee candles, a flat-screen television and a keyboard. I managed to avoid temptation on this occasion, but it’s good to know that these types of products are available and I will keep Jack’s in mind the next time I’m after a particular item.

6) Coupons are available

When I was leaving the store, I noticed a flyer advertising next week’s bargains. There was a coupon on the bottom, that could be used for that week, offering £5 off a £15 shop. I love a bargain, so the next time I visit Jack’s, I’ll be sourcing a coupon beforehand.

7) The food tastes good

I suppose the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) and I wouldn’t be returning somewhere that didn’t sell quality food. I’ve enjoyed the food I’ve eaten from Jack’s supermarket so far, which is the main reason why I’ll be returning.

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7 reasons why I'll be returning to Jack's supermarket