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How to spend Betwixmas – the clue is in the name

There's a person with their feet up. They are sipping from a mug. Being used to illustrate the betwixmas period.

It’s Betwixmas! That sleepy period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is here. Nobody has any real plans or an agenda (unless they have to work, of course). So if you’re off, how should you spend this period? Well, I do believe the clue is in the name and if you follow it by the letter, you can’t go far wrong.

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B is for breathing 

Let’s be honest, Christmas Day can be stressful. Not only is there pressure to have a perfect day, but the build up is hectic. You’ve got to ensure that all the presents are bought and wrapped, do the food shop and clean the house. Often it feels like you’ve completed a domestic marathon before the big day even arrives. So during Betwixmas, take a moment to yourself. It’s done for another year.  

E is for eating

Hands up who bought too much food for Christmas Day. Many of us buy enough to feed a family of eight, despite the fact that there’s only four in the household. And it’s no wonder. That temptation to throw an extra box of biscuits into the shopping trolley, along with an extra block of cheese, an extra slice of pâté  and an extra bag of pretzels, is real. 

Betwixmas is a time where you can eat treats guilt free, because who started a diet on the 26 December? Nobody, that’s who. So enjoy the treats before the new year health kick begins.  

T is for television

Who doesn’t love Christmas tele? There’s something for everybody over the festive period. Films, soap opera specials, cartoons, Gavin and Stacey reruns. There’s a strong chance that you didn’t get to enjoy it all on Christmas Day itself, so use Betwixmas to catch up.  

W is for walking 

The air is crisp at this time of year and time can be plentiful, so why not spend some time walking? You can use this as an opportunity to walk off those Christmas treats. 

I is for indulging

It’s time to indulge. This period provides the perfect excuse for some pampering. So run a bath, crack open a face mask, lie back and relax.  

X is for xmas

It’s still Christmas, what are you talking about? Christmas is a week-long event. If that’s how you feel then fine! Continue to enjoy Christmas and all of the trimmings. 

M is for making

Betwixmas is the perfect time to create. Make a plan, write a list, knit a scarf. Use this time to make something.  

A is for anything

Anything goes over Betwixmas. Chocolate for breakfast? Fine. A lie-in until noon? Not a problem. A cheeky 3pm Baileys? Go for it.  You could even start planning for New Year. Check out: 11 New Year’s Eve ideas for families if you need some inspiration.

S is for shopping

There are bargains to be had in the Betwixmas sales. So if you’ve been holding out to buy that new television, or you could do with a new coat, then now is the time to check out the sales. 

The image shows a Christmas jumper and a Christmas mug. Over the image, the text says: 'hacks: ways to spend Betwixmas'.

What about you?

How do you spend the Betwixmas period? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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