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Finding affordable engagement rings and wedding rings can be a challenge | Discover how to source affordable wedding rings in the UK

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Weddings can be expensive and unless you have a never-ending budget, it makes sense to try and get what you love for less. So how do you source affordable wedding rings that you adore? 

Take your time when selecting wedding rings

The first piece of advice I have for those sourcing affordable wedding rings is to take your time. Have a think, look at different options and shop around. You don’t want to make an impulse purchase, so make sure you have enough time to consider your choice. I’d advice that you start looking for your wedding rings at least six months before the big day. 

Look local when you’re sourcing jewellery

Highstreet jewellers stock wedding rings, but they aren’t your only option. Keep an open mind and be open to a local, independent jeweller. You should also ask on local Facebook pages, to see if anybody has any recommendations, because there could be a hidden gem of a jeweller on your doorstep, that you didn’t even know about. 

Speak to friends and family and compare their experiences 

Before you buy your wedding rings, ask friends and family where they go theirs from. You can then compare experiences. By doing this, you may find out about a shop or a service that was stand-out, or even one you should avoid. 

Avoid matchy matchy wedding and engagement rings

You don’t have to wear the same ring as your husband or wife-to-be. And you don’t have to buy the wedding ring that was created to match your engagement ring either. If you watch to get matching rings, that’s up to you, but don’t feel forced into doing this. 

You could always go for rings that are similar, but aren’t sold together as a set. If you decide to do this, think about matching the gold that you select, or the style. Alternatively, you could opt for rings that are totally unique from one another. There are no hard and fast rules.

Have a look on Etsy 

There’s a range of affordable wedding rings available on Etsy. They come in different metals and a lot of them are handmade, making them unique one offs.

Consider your metal – you don’t have to stick with gold

You may want to stick to a traditional gold wedding band, but that isn’t the only option. Some people go for hardwearing, yet affordable titanium. Whilst others decide to go for steel or cobalt. You could certainly save some cash by opting for an alternative metal.

Do you need engraving?

Some people decide to have the inside of their wedding ring engraved. Whilst I understand the sentiment, I’m not sure that it’s worth it. After all, who actually sees inside your wedding ring? If this is something you want, then you should get it, but make sure you think it through. As this romantic gesture, which you won’t see, will push the price up.    

Repurpose old jewellery

Gold costs a fortune at the moment, so if you have an old ring then you could get it repurposed. I was very lucky to have been left my grandmother’s old wedding ring when she passed, so I had that resized and re-designed to fit alongside my engagement ring. Having the ring repurposed cost about one tenth of the price that it would have been if I’d bought that design new and I’ll also have the added sentiment of knowing I’m wearing my grandmother’s old wedding ring.  

Antique finds

Who says that your wedding band has to be brand new? You could opt for antique jewellery instead. If you do down this road then you’ll probably be able to source a more unique piece. Most jewellers sell it, so be sure to consider a pre-loved item, that has a sense of history.

What about affordable engagement rings?

It’s important to remember that these tips apply to those that are looking for affordable engagement rings. You don’t have to spend thousands to find a ring that your partner will love and adore. Think about your budget, assess their style and go from there. you should also think about how a wedding will look alongside it though. Some engagement rings are easier than others to find a match for.

Think about what matters

When it comes to finding appropriate wedding rings, you’ve got to think about what matters to you. Don’t just buy the first gold ring that the sales assistant shows you, because you may end up paying over the odds for something you don’t love. 

If having expensive matching rings is important to you, then budget the cash for them. You will wear your wedding ring every day, so you shouldn’t sacrifice what you want to save a few quid. Instead, look to save money in other areas, like your wedding invitations.

You will only get married once (hopefully) and your wedding ring symbolises your union. It’s an important item, so you need to be happy with your choice, but I do think it’s possible to source affordable wedding rings that you love by following this guide.

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