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How to keep kids entertained | Simple ideas to keep your children occupied

how to keep kids entertained

Life as a parent comes with lots of interesting challenges. One of the biggest is finding endless ways to entertain your kids. Young children, in particular, have very short attention spans. This means it doesn’t take them long to start complaining about being bored. So how do you keep kids entertained? Here are some simple tips that may help:


If you’re wondering how to keep kids entertained, then a brilliant way is through cooking. I like cooking with my little boy, because he really gets involved and it’s nice seeing him with a smile on his face. Plus, as a bonus, you get to create lots of delicious food. I don’t make anything too elaborate with him and I think this is an important activity, because one day they will have to cook for themselves. By cooking with them, you’re helping them to develop a life skill. 

I particularly enjoy baking with my boy. It’s easy for him to do and he enjoys the treats we’ve made afterwards! Again, I don’t do anything too elaborate. Instant brownies and cornflake cakes are about my baking level! My son doesn’t care though. 

Day trips

Kids can get bored very easily around the house, even if they have all their toys. Quite often, they just want to go outside. Now, you can always take them to a local park, or go for a walk. Alternatively, you could have kids’ day out. These are days where you go on a nice little trip and have fun with your little ones.

With day trips, I think that it’s nice to get out of the house and do something you can enjoy, as well as them! A day out will not only entertain your kids but be great for creating lifelong memories. It’s always lovely looking back on pictures you took on a day out. If you’re looking for inspiration, then I’d highly recommend a trip to the EUREKA science museum. You should also check out my days out section for other ideas!

how to keep kids entertained - the park

There are loads of places to go and it’s possible to do a day trip on a budget. I have to admit though, I do find it easier to come up with ideas when the sun is shining. Here’s my list of 10 things you could do with your toddler over summer.


You’ve probably noticed that your kids are a little hyperactive from time to time. This isn’t just your kids, all kids are like this – trust me! So getting them involved in sports could be a fantastic solution. It can keep them entertained and give them a way to use up all their boundless energy.

I‘m sure there are many sports clubs in your area that you could sign your child up to. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with playing some sports in the back garden with them! Your child won’t just be entertained by sports, they’ll see health benefits too.


If you’re wondering how to keep kids entertained, then it goes without saying that you’ve probably looked at the games shelf! There are so many games you can play to entertain your children. There are classic board games, dress-up games and even interactive games on the iPad.

My top tip would be to come up with fun, educational games to play. Find things that your kids will enjoy playing, with but will also learn from. It’s a sneaky way for you to trick them into learning. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds here; you’re entertaining your kids, but teaching them things too. 

You have to keep your children entertained, or they will become restless. Any parent knows that a restless child can soon become an unhappy child. And an unhappy child can cause you a lot of stress! The great thing about all of these tips is that they’re fun for you too!