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Happy New Year! …2021 we’re more than ready for you!

The image shows gold balloons in the year 2021. The image has a green border.

Well, 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, hasn’t it? So firstly, I just want to say well done for getting through it. You completed 2020. And that’s an achievement in itself. Secondly, I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year. I think that the majority of us are happy to bring in a new one. Even if the world isn’t magically fixed on the strike of midnight, at least a New Year brings us fresh hope.

On 1 January, 2020, like many of you, I could never have imagined what was in store. I do recall lying in bed one night and asking Mr St to switch his phone off. “Just let me finish reading this article,” he said. “There’s a new virus in China that is spreading.” I replied with: “And…?” Mr St said: “Claire, it could be catastrophic. The only thing worse would be a World War.” I thought he was being hyperbolic. Little did I know…

It has been a tricky year and I have discussed some of the twists and turns here on my blog; Mr St and I had to postpone our wedding and I had to face coping with redundancy when I lost my job. But of course that’s only part of the story. This year has had more downs than I’d have liked and it’s made me thankful that I don’t own a crystal ball, because if I’d have known exactly how this year was going to unravel, then I’d have been terrified.

I know that a lot of my readers have faced their own trials and tribulations. Undoubtedly, challenges would have been thrown your way and I only hope that you’ve been able to get through them and that better times are coming. 

If you’re reading this then there’s a chance you know me personally. If that’s the case then I wanted to say thank you. I appreciate every click onto this blog, every share and every like. So thank you for reading my thoughts, because you actually have to put up with me in person. 

If you don’t know me personally, then again, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my little corner of the internet. This space was set up to help and to inform others and I hope you’ve found some useful information in these parts.

Although 2020 has been tough for so many reasons, I am also grateful for the lessons it has taught me and the opportunities it has given me. I didn’t expect to start this blog, but furlough gave me the time to. As 2020 began, I was hopeful, but obviously I knew there would be challenges, because there always are. I expected to go back to work and a bumper commute (as my maternity leave had ended). I thought I’d have to adapt to spending less time with my son. But in fact we have had more time together than I ever imagined. The job I expected to return to became the job I lost. And the opportunities that came from that have led me to a more fulfilled and content working life.

None of us know what 2021 will bring, but I do hope that 2020 has given us the tools to thrive. We know we can get through lockdown, we know we can jump unexpected hurdles, we’re aware that we have a lot to be thankful for.

So as 2021 begins I just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. May it bring you hope, health, happiness and the opportunity to meet our friends and family in person. 

2021, we’re more than ready for you! But please be kind.