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The best Halloween activities for babies

A Halloween bumpkin - Halloween activities for babies.

Your baby’s first year is a very special time and a catalogue of firsts. The first time they sit independently, the first time they smile, the first time they eat solid food. The year also has a number of seasonal events that you may want to document with your baby. I’m fully aware that it isn’t possible to do everything, but there are some Halloween activities for babies that just you won’t want to miss.

The bumkin

The bumpkin trend started over in America, but it’s also become popular with British parents. To make one, you paint your baby’s bottom in orange paint to create a print. You can press your baby’s botty onto paper, pottery or canvas. You can also add a stem and a leaf and perhaps a little note to say this is ‘the cutest bumpkin in the patch’.

I made one of these with my little boy. I painted his bum in suitable paint (to ensure it didn’t irritate his delicate skin) and then got a print of it to keep forever. If you decide to do this, you might need a hand getting your babe in the right position. Of course, after you’ve printed their bottom, you’ll need to wash the paint off.

I think that a bumpkin is a unique keepsake and when it comes to Halloween activities for babies, this is certainly one to add to your list. 

Spooky feet

Getting prints of your baby’s feet throughout their first year is a lovely way to document their growth. If you paint their foot in white paint, press it onto card and add googly eyes to the heel, you’ll have a Halloween ghost. This is a really simple and fun way of documenting your baby’s first Halloween. You can also decorate the house with Halloween graphics and a bunch of spooky feet.

Sensory bags 

Babies love sensory play and it’s pretty easy to create a Halloween-themed sensory bag. You will need zip-locker bags to do this and some spooky contents. 

If you usually buy a pumpkin for the house, then why not put the pumpkin’s insides into a zip-locker bag for your baby to explore and feel. Alternatively, you could add some blue or green food colouring to some spaghetti and add that to a bag.

The thing I love about these bags is that they enable your baby to have sensory experience without the mess. 

Dress up

I’ve always said that part of the reason I wanted a baby was to dress them up with the seasons. Yes, it was a throwaway comment, said in jest, but it is something I was looking forward to doing. So when I was eight months pregnant and I saw a giant pumpkin costume in Sainsbury’s that had been reduced from £14 down to £3.30, I had to have it.

Miraculously, I remembered I had it and pulled it out in time for my son’s 10-month milestone picture. We also put him in it before visiting a pick your own pumpkin patch. The pictures we took are some of my favourites from his first year and I will treasure them forever. Not only are these images lovely to look back on, but those and pictures make the perfect 18th-birthday-party fodder. Dress up is one of the Halloween activities for babies that should not be missed. 


As well as the bargain pumpkin buy, I was also given some cracking hand-me-downs. Over the Halloween period, my little babe also dressed up as a skeleton and a vampire. 

If you don’t know anybody with Halloween costumes to pass on, then check out the local charity shops. These costumes obviously have a very short shelf life. People are often keen to pass these items on once the holiday has passed, so keep your eye out for a bargain.

The image shows a baby, dressed as a vampire. Over the picture, the text reads: 'hacks: Halloween activities for babies that you should try'.

Is it worth it?

I think it’s nice to document your baby’s first Halloween, as long as the activity is thrifty, fun and it isn’t too complicated to recreate at home. I think these ideas fall into that category. The bumkin, spooky feet and dress-up images have all been safely stored in the baby keepsake box and I’m sure we will look back on those items in the years to come with a smile. 

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