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Gousto recipes | Enjoy Gousto meals with a discount (you get free recipe cards too)

Gousto recipes

I’ve always liked the look of Gousto recipes and after years of admiring from afar, I finally took the plunge and ordered a box for myself. So here’s everything you need to know and if you decide to try one, there’s a cheeky discount waiting.

What is Gousto?

Gousto is a food box delivery service. Each week, you choose from 50 recipes and the ingredients are boxed up and delivered. You get the exact amount of food needed to create that recipe, so there’s no measuring or weighing.

Your ingredients arrive with a Gousto recipe card too, which walks you through the cooking process. It means that you don’t have to worry about shopping, or making sure that you buy fresh food within the right time frame.

How long have you been making Gousto meals for?

I have been using Gousto for a while. Being able to try a box for 60% less than usual and then getting a further three boxes with 30% off was the thing that lured me to give it a go.

How does it work?

Gousto is a food box subscription service. Here’s an overview of the cost and box size:

Gousto recipes how much do they cost

However, to tempt people to try these boxes, Gousto offers a sign-up discount, which means that your first four boxes are discounted. You save 60% off box one and 30% off your second, third and fourth box.

We have been getting the 4-meal box, for 2 people.

Baked potatoes, chips, rice, meat, grains – there are loads of other options

Gousto offers a range of different meals each week, so there’s plenty to choose from! You will find family classics, such as shepherd’s pie, curry and spaghetti bolognaise. The recipes aren’t always identical week on week though, one week the family classic might come with rice, the next it might come with sweet potato chips, or baked potatoes. This means that you’re always guaranteed an element of variety.

If you’d prefer to be a bit more adventurous, then you can be. There are recipes containing chicken, beef, prawns, pork and everything in between, that have been inspired by every corner of the planet! The recipes all have reviews too, so you can see just how popular a meal is before you order it.

Most dietary requirements are catered for; so it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat fish, you have a plant-based diet, or you’re dairy free, you’re bound to find a recipe that will work for you.

What’s are your favourite Gousto recipes?

Gousto has a huge range of recipes to choose from and I’ve only tried a fraction of what’s on offer, but so far I’ve been particularly impressed by the La Pantera’s chorizo, feta and parmentier potato tacos.

This recipe came with the following ingredients:

  • 6 plain tortillas
  • 140g picked red cabbage
  • 2 white potatoes
  • 100g diced chorizo
  • 1 carrot
  • 30ml Chinese rice wine
  • 30g feta cheese
  • 30ml mayonnaise
  • 20g chipotle paste
  • 1 spring onion
  • 10g fresh rosemary and thyme

I also got a Gousto recipe card that walked me through the cooking process. You can obviously keep this and recreate the recipes at a later date. You can access them from the app later down the line too, meaning you have a range of free recipes to scroll through when you’re looking for some meal inspiration.

How does the price compare?

The La Pantera’s chorizo, feta and parmentier potato tacos happened to come in the Gousto box that I had a 60% discount code for. This box cost me £14 for four meals for two to be delivered to my house. This meant that this meal worked out at £1.75 per portion, delivered (bargain). But if this meal had come as part of a full-priced box, it would have set me back a heftier £4.37 per portion.

If I had bought these ingredients from Tesco’s, here’s what I’d have had to buy to cover the meal for two:

  • 6 plain tortillas: £1.55 for 6
  • 140g picked red cabbage: £0.80 for 340g ~ £0.34 for £140g
  • 2 white potatoes: £0.50 for 2
  • 100g diced chorizo: £2.50 for 130g ~ £1.92 for 100g
  • 1 carrot: £0.08 for 1
  • 30ml Chinese rice wine: £2.00 for 150ml ~ £0.40 for 30ml
  • 30g feta cheese: £1.20 for 200g ~ £0.28 for 30g
  • 30ml mayonnaise: £1.50 for 400g ~ £0.11 for 30ml
  • 20g chipotle paste: £1.25 for 95g ~ £0.26 for 20g
  • 1 spring onion: £0.90 for 100g ~ £0.15 for 1 spring onion
  • 10g fresh rosemary and thyme: £2.50 for two plants ~ £0.25 for 10g of rosemary and thyme

Now, with some of these items, I’d have plenty of leftovers for next time, meaning that the recipe would cost me considerably less per portion the second time around. But if I’d wanted to make this recipe for two and I had to buy all of the ingredients outright, it would set me back £7.39 per portion*. This goes down to £3.43 per portion* when we look at the grams of each item needed to cook this meal.

My verdict on the price

I know this is only a loose illustration, as supermarket prices do vary. This is also just an example of one recipe that I enjoyed (hardly scientific). But cooking this recipe through a discounted box was an absolute bargain.

If you’re comparing the cost of a portion from a full-priced Gousto box, with the list of ingredients you’d need to buy to create this recipe yourself, then again, it come out favourably. But if you were to cook this more than once, then getting the ingredients from Tesco’s is, as you’d expect, more economical.

It is also worth mentioning that I have based these prices on the size of box that I ordered. The sums would obviously be different if I was basing this on a Gousto recipe (and box) that was meant to feed four people. A box that contained less meals would also differ.

Is it worth ordering a Gousto box for dinner?

I’m not going to sit here and proclaim that Gousto boxes are a thrifty way to feed your family, because of course they can get expensive. A full-priced box containing four meals for two will set you back £34.99. At the equivalent of £4.37 per portion, it is cheaper than a restaurant meal, but not cheaper than a meal thrown together using reduced yellow stickers. You could also make meals for much less if you implemented my vegetarian batch cooking tips, or my meal planning tips for busy families.

But I do think these boxes have their place and I do think they’re worth trying with a discount. In my house, sometimes we fall off the batch-cooking wagon. This results in us eating more takeaways than we should. But we haven’t ordered a takeout once when we had a Gousto box in the the kitchen. I also liked that we got to try some new recipes (which we can recreate as all Gousto recipes come with a card). We were given the correct amount of ingredients, so there was no wastage and the nutritional information is printed on the recipe cards.

I was a bit surprised by the amount of packaging the food came in and I hope that Gousto reduces this in future. However, the food arrived safely, at the correct temperature, which of course is essential!

This isn’t something I’d do all of the time, but overall I was pleasantly surprised by Gousto and I would order again. But only if I got a discounted box. I’m not sure I could justify a full-priced box, unless we ordered it as a one-off treat.

We all like money off – give me the discount code

If you’d like to try Gousto then use this link to get four discounted boxes. Just remember that this is a subscription service, so although you can skip a box, pause, or cancel at any time, you will have to actively do that. Otherwise the food will just keep coming and your card will continue to be charged.

*The sums were correct at the time of writing

Gousto recipes with discount code