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Make a vision board for goal setting for under £10

A cork board with Scrabble letters on it, spelling out: ‘live your dream’.

I’m a big advocate of visualisation, because I think it’s a powerful tool that can help you to achieve your goals. With that in mind, I also believe that everybody should make their own vision board to hang up in their home, or their place of work. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth to make one. You can easily create a powerful goal-setting vision board for under £10.

How does it work?

A vision board, or a dream board as some refer to it, is a collection of pictures, images and affirmations that inspire you to achieve your hopes, dreams and ambitions. Your dream board should motivate you to achieve your goals. The board taps into the law of attraction and the belief that by visualising something, you will achieve it.

You should take some time to map out your design and to work out what you want. That way, you can ensure that you create a vision board that really works.

Your affordable goal setting vision board

Here’s how to make yours:

1) Source a pin board or a large photo frame

Price: around £5

Most people have a pin board hanging about. But if you don’t then you could ask a friend or a family member if they have one spare. Or, if you need to buy one, you could look for one in a charity shop, or snap one up at Ikea.

If you’d prefer, you could source a large photo frame and use it in the same way as the pin board.

2) Source some wallpaper

Price: free

I like to have my vision board up on a wall and I like it to blend in with the decor, so I think it makes sense to think about what would work with the rest of the room.

If you’ve got some leftover wallpaper knocking around, then now is a good time to pull it out from the back of the cupboard. If you don’t,  go to B&Q and get a sample of a wallpaper design you like.

3) Glue the wallpaper onto your board/frame

Price: £2.75

You then need to glue the wallpaper over the cork, or on the back of the frame, to create a vibrant design. You can be as imaginative as you want to be here. Combine a couple of different wallpapers, or use one to keep it simple.  

4) Source images

Price: free

Look in magazines and brochures that you have for things that look inspiring. You can also add photographs or look online for pictures of people and things that inspire you. 

5) Source quotes

Price: free

Google is your friend here, as it will help you to source positive quotes and affirmations that inspire you, for free. 

If you want a more sophisticated look, then you could buy some quotes and affirmations on Etsy

The image shows a dream catcher, there are multi-coloured lights shining through it. The text over the image reads: ‘hacks: make a vision board for goal setting for under £10.’

Is it worth it?

I think that having a goal setting vision board on your wall can be very powerful. If you’re sceptical, then I’ve written about how you can make one that works. I’ve also written a guide to goal setting

I know that some people may feel that sticking pictures on quotes on a piece of paper would be enough. But if you’re displaying your vision board in your home, then I think it makes sense to spend a few pounds creating something that matches the rest of your décor. 

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