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Food to freeze: 10 extra things you should have in your freezer

Some green grapes hanging off a tree. It is being used in an article about foods to freeze.

Most people freeze meat, fish and vegetables, but when it come to food to freeze, there are other items you might not have in your freezer, which you really should. 

My top picks

1) Wine

How many times do you wake up the next morning to find a thimble of wine at the bottom of the bottle? You aren’t going to bother putting a stopper in for half a glass, so why don’t you freeze it? Red wine goes really well in anything tomato based and white wine goes well in a white sauce. I pour my leftovers into an ice tray and then pop them out and add them to my food when I’m cooking.

2) Stock

Another thing that I store in ice cube trays is stock. I don’t cook a Sunday dinner at home often, but when I do, I always ensure I have enough stock to fill an ice tray. I think that homemade stock tastes so much better than the shop-bought equivalent. Popping a homemade stock ice cube out and adding it to my home cooking adds another level of flavour.

3) Grapes

If you don’t freeze grapes then you should. Not only do they go really well in a glass of wine (they act like an ice cube), but they’re also a tasty snack.

4) Bread

I was shocked to discover that some people don’t store bread in their freezer. I always have a loaf in. It makes perfect toast and your loaf will stretch further, because you don’t have to worry about it going stale.

5) Haribo

Haribo sweets, Tangfastics in particular, taste amazing after an hour in the freezer. Trust me on this one. It’s a sweet and sour, sugary, cool treat that lasts in your mouth for more than five seconds. Try it for yourself and thank me later.

6) Yogurt

I always make sure I have a couple of yogurts in my freezer. They provide an ice-cream-style treat, but without the added calories. 

7) Bananas

When your bananas are going off, peel them, bag them and freeze them. They go really well in banana bread and in smoothies.

8) Muffins

It doesn’t matter if you’re into sweet muffins or savoury ones. Both keep well in the freezer. I usually take them out the night before to give them time to naturally defrost. When it comes to food to freeze, muffins should be on the list. 

9) Sticky toffee pudding

My sister-in-law makes a banging sticky toffee pudding and if there are any extras going, they usually end up in our freezer. With something like sponge, it makes sense to make extras and to freeze a couple. They keep well and you’d have no idea they’d previously been frozen. Again, I try to remember to take it out the night before I plan to use it.

10) Dump bags

I’ve written about dump bags before. The idea is that you get a large zip-lock freezer bag and dump in everything that you’d usually put into a slow cooker to make a meal. I always have a few in my freezer, as they make for easy, healthy teas. 

The picture shows some pick n mix sweets, including fizzy cola bottle sweets. Over the image, the text reads: ’10 other things you should have in your freezer’.

Is it worth it?

I think these items are all worth freezing. Do you save anything that the average person doesn’t? Let me know in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Food to freeze: 10 extra things you should have in your freezer

  1. I live in the UK, but I am Romanian. In my freezer you can find apple pie, green beans, sage, ice cream, ice cubes.
    Speaking of sour: I went into a store 2 years ago to buy candy. I took 100 g from each assortment. The saleswoman asked me if I had ever eaten sour candy. I didn’t know the word “sour”, so she gave me one to taste before I bought. Luckily I had the napkins with me and I was able to spit discreetly. :)))

  2. What a great post. I love the dump bag idea. And yoghurts? I didn’t know you could freeze them. Thank you for all of these tips.

  3. I have never thought of freezing some of these things so enjoyed these tips. I I’ll be getting some yoghurts in my freezer as I love frozen yoghurt. I do freeze stock and fresh herbs.

  4. I love that idea for the wine! We do a cow au vin recipe every couple of weeks and we never use the whole bottle of wine. I’ve never thought to freeze it before. I shall be stealing this tip!

  5. I have 2 loaves of bread in my freezer at the moment lol. Hadn’t thought of bananas though and I’ve thrown a few of those away recently. Must remember that in future.

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