7 tips for finding ‘the one’ in your neighbourhood

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being around loved ones. If you’ve not got a significant other, then you may have experienced pangs of loneliness this year. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can find love and it may even be closer (geographically) than you think. Here are my top tips for finding love where you live.

Explore your local area

If you live near fields, woods, or a park, then you should explore those local areas and make conversation with people when you see them. This will show that you’re open to making new connections. Even a smile can go a long way. 

Even better, if you have a dog and you spot a fellow dog walker that ticks all your boxes, then try to get a walking routine so you bump into that person more often.

Interact within the community

It can be difficult to interact within the community in person at the moment, but you can still engage virtually. This could be via a Facebook group or over Zoom. 

Be kind

It is nice to be kind and to show people you care about them. So bring your neighbour’s bin in, let that person go before you in the queue at the supermarket and make that donation to the charity shop. You should never be kind just to get something in return, but focusing on others and demonstrating your caring nature could lead you to happiness in your romantic life.   

Join a local dating site

Did you realise that local dating sites were available? If not, then perhaps you should explore this possibility. For example, there’s a Northamptonshire dating site for those living within that county. Maybe a site like dating agency Northamptonshire will help you to meet a like-minded soul within the community. 

Think about your network

It could be that the love of your life is right under your nose. Maybe you should take some time to think about the people that you know within the community. Maybe there’s a neighbour that you’d like to get to know better, or there’s somebody you regularly see in your local Tesco’s store that you’d like to get to know better. It is easy to miss people and opportunities, so have a think about the people you already see regularly. 

Speak to friends and family

You might not have somebody within your network that you feel attracted to, or see as a potential partner. But maybe somebody you know has a friend, or a family member that they could introduce you to. They might not even be aware that you’re on the market, so tell them. Explain that you’re looking for love. 

Be positive

You should be positive and believe that love will happen. If you’re a positive, happy person, who smiles at others then you’ll find that people that cross your path want to be around that. A change in attitude might lead you to the right person. 

If you follow these tips then hopefully you will find love where you live. 

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