Finding love locally

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The world seems like a small place, as we are all so connected. Many of us use social media, computers and smartphones to connect with one another. It can make people that live miles away feel close by. But when it comes to love, it makes sense to seek it out locally, so that you will have the opportunity to see that person in real life. Here are my tips for finding love nearby.

Connect with people within your community

In order to find love near where you live, you need to connect with people within your neighbourhood. If you’re unable to do that in person, you could do it online. Consider joining some local forums or social media groups. 

Talk to friends

If you’re looking for love, then you should let those you trust know. Not only will you be putting your wishes across to the universe, perhaps the law of attraction will bring love your way. But a friend may have a local pal that you’d be suited to. So have the conversation. You don’t know where it may lead. My friend’s dad was chatting to a guy in the pub who was on the lookout for a girlfriend. My friend’s dad said he’d be suited to his daughter and he put them in contact. They are now living together and have two boys. So it can work out! 

Use a local agency

There are lots of apps around that promise to help you find love. If you’ve been on the same apps for a while, then you may be feeling disillusioned that it can work. But have you tried a local agency? Getting in touch with a company like this Nottinghamshire dating site may help you to find that special person. Trying something different is always worth a shot and maybe dating agency Nottinghamshire will lead you to love.

Make eye contact with people 

It can be tough to make connections with strangers during a global pandemic. But you should smile when you walk past people in the park. And just because you’re wearing a mask, doesn’t mean you can’t smile behind it when you see an attractive person down the freezer aisle in the supermarket. Try to be as open and as friendly as possible when you stumble across people you do find attractive. You never know where one of those interactions could lead.

Keep up with your local networks

If you have an interest that you like to pursue locally then make sure you keep up with it. The world has slowed down over recent months, but there are still ways to explore our interests and passions. Join Zoom calls and interact with people online. You need to keep your local social connections alive if you’re looking for local love. 

Strike up conversation

When you do get the opportunity to talk to prospective mates, try and shrink up a conversation. Ask an open-ended question (one that you can’t answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’). And do your best to show that you’re open to a chat by being open with your body language, because finding somebody to talk to is one thing, but making a meaningful connection is a whole different ball game. 

Keep the faith

You might think you’ll never find anybody, but there’s a lid for every jar (as my Grandma used to say). If you remain positive, open and you try the steps listed above then you will find love. 

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