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Curious Cat surveys | it’s a firm no from me when it comes to this surveys app

Curious Cat surveys app - read this review now

Curious Cat surveys is an app that you can download via your smartphone to make money. You can earn cash on there, by completing surveys. But this is one money-making app that I just can’t get on board with. Here, I explain why.

My Curious Cat review

I have spent a lot of time on this app, attempting to respond to surveys, making 25p here and 50p there. But I’ve finally admitted defeat, the Curious Cat app is not for me.

Say what? An app about curious cats?

I know the name of this app is amusing, but sadly, it isn’t actually connected with cats at all. It’s just a catchy name for an average surveys app.

So do you get paid for using the Curious Cat app?

You do earn cash for completing surveys with Curious Cat. The premise is that you get points for each survey you get to end of and those points equate to pennies.

You can request to be paid via PayPal at any point and you don’t have to wait to hit a threshold. That’s one of the draws of this app; you can earn money and you can quickly get your hands on it. I can’t fault it in that way and I can understand why that appeals to many. But I think that’s the only redeeming feature that it has to offer and I’d exercise caution before starting to use it.

The Curious Cat surveys app is not a hack

Being screened out of surveys

We have all used survey sites where you answer some questions, only to find that you’ve been screened out and you can’t continue. This usually happens when you’ve answered one or two things and you take it on the chin, accepting that you’re not needed and you wait patiently for the next one.

But with Curious Cat surveys, then as a lot of questions before telling you you’re not needed. Some of the questions are very specific too. The app might ask you how much you earn, or if you wear glasses, or how much you spend on the weekly shop.

As I’ve previously mentioned, being screened seems to be part and parcel with these things, but I can’t help but wonder if Curious Cat surveys is just harvesting data for free. And that doesn’t sit right with me. If they want to know something, that’s fair enough, but people should be compensated for their time and information. They shouldn’t be told they’re ineligible for the survey once you’ve provided the goods.

Is it tracking me?

The Curious Cat survey app also prompts you to allow it to monitor your location. I have been asked for my postcode on a few different occasions too. But I feel that this information is very specific and I have no idea why it’s required. I don’t really want some app in the sky knowing where I live, what I earn and how much my electricity bill is. It just all feels a bit too Big Brother for my liking. Then, just to add insult to injury, they aren’t paying out any cash for this information.

Each survey is one big time sucker

I am quite happy to complete surveys in front of the tele or during my commute. But I object to spending ten minutes answering 30 questions before being told the survey isn’t suitable for me. This has happened a number of times with Curious Cat surveys and it’s just a total waste of time. To be frank, I’d rather scroll on Instagram, or play a game on my phone then give my information away for free.

Curious Cat surveys app review

Have you given the app a decent shot?

You might be wondering just how much time I have spent on this app and if I’ve stuck with it long enough to form an opinion. Well I first started completing Curious Cat surveys in 2018. At the time I was pregnant and keen to earn some extra money towards baby stuff. In total I cashed out eight times and I earned £17.92 in total. The money was always with me promptly too. But I stopped because I really didn’t feel that it was a good use of time and I’d started to begrudge offering up so much information for free.

Since then, I have re-downloaded and used the app on a couple of different occasions. Mainly to see if anything had changed. But, each time my initial thoughts are just cemented. That’s why I thought it was about time I wrote  a Curious Cat review.

I can see why Curious Cat surveys is popular, after all, you can make some cash and it’s easy to withdraw. But I think there are much better apps and sites that will enable you to make extra money online. Check out my list of free money offers – all of those are worth the time and energy.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2021 and has been completely revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.