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Children’s custom clothing at its best

The image shows the mog + bug children’s wear logo which is black on a white background. The image has a green border.

I’m a massive advocate of buying second hand and reusing old things. However, for the thrift ecosystem system to tick along, somebody needs to buy new. Even if you’re usually a savvy second-hand shopper, then mog + bug, which specialises in children’s custom clothing, is a brand you’ll want in your little one’s wardrobe. 

What is mog + bug?

mog + bug is a small company, based in Greater Manchester, that specialises in creating vibrant, versatile, custom-made clothing for children. All items are made to order in sizes newborn-12 years and commissions are welcome. 

1) It’s all handmade 

mog + bug is the brainchild of Alexa Houghton, who makes everything herself, on her sewing machine. When Alexa’s son, James, came along, she found herself making clothes for him and his friends. That’s when she realised there was a demand for good quality, affordable, well-designed kidswear. mog + bug was then born. 

2) The fabric

mog + bug stocks over 100 types of bright and colourful fabric, so there’s plenty of choice. I love the animal designs and my son has items featuring whales, bears, dogs, puffins and lemurs. However, if clouds, rainbows, watermelons and unicorns are more your thing, then mog + bug has you covered.  

There are new fabrics coming all of the time. But if Alexa doesn’t have something in stock that you’d like, then she will happily try to source an alternative for you. 

3) The design choices

Not only do you get to choose from an array of fabrics, but you get a say in the design.

Little Leggies can be made in a slim, or a relaxed style and you can opt for a hem or a cuffed ankle. You can also choose if you’d like your Little Leggies to accommodate a cloth bum. Jaunty Jumpers can be made with a hood, or a cowl neck, with either a kanga or a through pocket. Hide Me Hats are reversible, so you get to choose two fabrics and you can add on a strap. Having this level of design choice means that mog + bug is a true children’s custom clothing company, as you get a say on every aspect of the design. 

4) The quality

Nobody wants to purchase tat and mog + bug items are created with care. They also wash really well, meaning that your little one can get plenty of wear. 

5) It’s affordable 

It’s a tricky business, pricing up bespoke childrenswear, because you want to make it affordable, but the company also needs to be financially viable. I feel that mog + bug has got the balance right. 

All orders are taken via Facebook and Instagram and you can get 10% off your order by using the code Arthur10.

Prices start at £8 for a Bucket Bib, which is a product that Alexa designed herself. This bib, which comes in different fabric choices, is waterproof. It also comes with poppers that create a leak-proof bucket and it opens flat for wiping and storing. These bibs also have a cotton terry towelling back, which means they’re handy for mopping up any spills. 

The image shows a cloth bib on a wooden surface with a yellow spoon and some blueberries around it. Next to it you can see the mog and bug children’s wear logo which is black on a white background. The images are side by side and they both has a green boarder around them.

6) Amazing hand-me-downs

I love a hand-me-down and it’s nice to add well-made items to that cycle. With mog + bug the quality is great, so when your little one has grown out of an item, you can pass it on. 

7) The clothes are unique 

mog + bug designs feel unique and because you get so many choices when ordering, it’s highly unlikely that you will see another child wearing the same design. With so many fabric and design options, there’s a chance your item will be a complete one off. 

8) The customer service

Alexa is a true professional and she will go above and beyond to help. She’s always honest about the lead time too. If an order is going to take three weeks, then she’ll explain that. 

9) It’s a family affair

This is a family focused company. In fact, the name was inspired by Alexa’s sisters Imogen and Hannah (who used to bug Alexa when she was younger!). Hannah now oversees mog + bug’s marketing and son James is one of the company’s most prolific models.

10) Great gift ideas

In a world where everything seems to be mass-produced, it’s nice to have the option to buy children’s custom clothing at an affordable price. 

The beauty of this brand is that you can match the item to the child’s personality. Alternatively, if the child is yet to be born, you can buy a parent-to-be a design that you know they’ll love dressing their baby in.  

Is it worth it?

I love mog + bug because I can snap up children’s custom clothing at an affordable price. I also find that the clothes add a bit of vibrancy and individuality to my son’s collection of hand-me-downs and supermarket clobber. 

Order on Facebook or Instagram to find out for yourself and don’t forget to use the discount code Arthur10 to get 10% off your order. 

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The image shows a set of child’s customised blue leggings with dinosaurs on. The leggings are laid out and there are dinosaur toys displayed around it. The text over the image reads: ’10 reasons why I love the children’s clothing company mog and bug’.