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Cheap wedding invitations: send them for under £100

Blue and rose gold wedding invitations.

Earlier this week, I explained that Mr St and I should have got married, but we had to postpone the day due to the pandemic. Well, today (21 August, 2020), was supposed to be the day that we celebrated our nuptials, with 120 of our nearest and dearest. Again, this has been postponed, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that we sent out cheap wedding blessing invitations. Because guess what? We need to make new ones. 

When it comes to remaking and redistributing wedding invitations, there are things I’ll absolutely repeat next time, but I made some mistakes too. Mistakes which I’ll be aiming to avoid the next time around. Hopefully, you can learn from my experience, so you can nail the cheap wedding invitation formula.

You might be wondering why I’m talking in singular terms. “I made”, “I decided”, “I sent”. This is because the wedding blessing invitation was down to me. My husband-to-be has no interest in spending time making invites. If he had his way, he’d just send a text the night before! 

What I did right:

1) Creating a free wedding website

I decided to set up a wedding website, to explain when our wedding blessing would be, where people could stay and how they would get to and from the venue. I used Living Thrifty‘s website for inspiration when designing our site. 

2) Going with Wix

There are loads of different website providers that are free to use. However, I thought that Wix was perfect. The site we created looks good, it’s easy to use and it’s simple for guests to RSVP. I have no complaints at all. So I’d create a wedding website on the platform again.

3) Making a postcard

We decided to create a postcard with the key details on the front, including our wedding website URL. This worked well. It was a simple, quirky way of inviting people. 

What I got wrong:

1) The design

I used Greeting Island to design our postcard and to be honest I wish I hadn’t. The design didn’t look as good as it could have done. It was okay and it did the job, but it could have been better. Since sending those invitations, I’ve learnt how to use Canva, which is an amazing piece of software. I did a course on LinkedIn Learning (you can get a free 30-day trial) and now I can use Canva, I’d absolutely use it to design our wedding postcard next time around. If you’re thinking of designing something yourself, I’d recommend giving Canva a whirl.

2) The postcard quality

I’d originally made mocked up two postcard designs and I got them delivered using the TouchNote app. The quality of those postcards was brilliant and we made our choice accordingly, but we got our batch of 150 postcard invites printed elsewhere and we didn’t get a sample first. Instead, we went all in and placed an order for 150.

When the postcards arrived, I was a little disappointed with the quality, but I decided they would do the job. However, I was gutted when a guest contacted me to say that a key detail had smudged (I presume it was raining when the postie delivered that day). The lesson I learnt here is always to get a sample. You might want to keep costs down, but you don’t want to compromise on quality.

There’s a pile of wedding invitations scattered out on a table. The text over the image reads: Hacks: how to make cheap wedding invitations – spend under £100.

Is it worth it?

It’s absolutely worth creating a wedding website and a postcard to invite your guests to your big day. However, you need to consider your design and the quality of your postcard.

Although our original invites weren’t, in retrospect, as good as they could have been, I don’t regret it. We were able to send cheap wedding invitations to 120 guests, spending just £75.80. And that included delivery! As the day has been postponed, that’s £75.80 wasted, but it could have been a lot worse. 

I’m confident that next time around, I will be able to get the quality I’d like for under £100. But if we don’t, I won’t cry over it. Quite frankly, if somebody reflects on our wedding blessing day and the thing they recall is the quality of the invitation, then we’ll have done our day wrong. People need to know where they’re going. They don’t need a fancy piece of paper explaining. 

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding too, then check out my blog post about how to spend your would-be wedding day. Those that are yet to buy their wedding bands should also read my article about sourcing affordable wedding rings.

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