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Save cash with these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas

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Valentine’s Day is coming and even if you’re not into buying elaborate gifts to celebrate it, then you could still mark the occasion in a simple way, because having an excuse to show your partner appreciation is never a bad thing. I’ve come up with 14 cheap Valentine’s Day ideas for those wanting to do something on a budget. 

1) Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love toast and a brew in bed? You could wake your partner up to breakfast in bed. The best thing about this little treat is that you don’t have to cook an elaborate breakfast for it to create an impact. It’s the thought that counts and tea and toast that’s been made for you always tastes better. If you’ve got kids, you could involve them too. 

2) Bring the restaurant to your living room

If you fancy doing something different from breakfast in bed then why not bring the restaurant to your living room? I know a lot of people that experimented with this concept during lockdown. One of my friends put a stream of Venice on the television using YouTube and then served up her partner an Italian three-course dinner! When it comes to cheap Valentine’s Day ideas, they don’t get much more romantic than this!

3) Picnic in the park

The weather might be chilly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a picnic. Put some soup in a flask, grab a blanket and go and find a spot in the local park. 

4) A games night

This is a great one for competitive couples. Get Connect 4 out, or crack open the Scrabble. A games night in is a lovely way to spend time together. 

5) An extra special film night

A good old-fashioned film night always hits the spot. To make it more special than your usual night on the sofa then why not add popcorn and other snacks. You could even create paper cinema tickets and popcorn boxes! Or you could pick a particular film genre. Rom Coms would work well for Valentine’s Day night!

6) A picturesque walk

Why don’t you head somewhere pretty? Head to a local reservoir or beach for a stroll. If you’re after some inspiration for this, then you could ask friends and family members for recommendations. 

7) Return somewhere special

If there’s a place that you love, or visited frequently when you first started dating, then why not take your partner back there to relive that early magic?

8) A cheat’s spa day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? It’s a lovely way to relax and unwind, but it isn’t necessarily the cheapest of activities. So if you don’t want to bust the bank on a day spa, then why not improvise? You could do spa treatments at home. Indulge in a massage and pop a face pack on. And if you want spa facilities, then why not get a guest pass for somewhere? Most spas and gyms offer them. It would mean that you could make the most of the Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool for a fraction of the spa day price. 

9) Drive for an ice cream

The weather may be crisp, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an ice cream. Why don’t you drive to a parlour and then park up somewhere pretty to enjoy it?

10) Clubcard point treat

My Tesco’s Clubcard is one of my favourite loyalty cards and I like to save the points up and use them towards an activity or a meal. I find that this is the best way to get as much value as possible from the points. So if you’ve been mindlessly collecting Clubcard points then why not check to see what you could exchange them for? There are plenty of date-type activities on offer. You could head to the cinema, go out for food, or visit a local attraction. 

11) Surprise day date

Who doesn’t love some thought, planning and a surprise? Plan a date for your loved one and surprise them with it on the morning you go. It could be something simple, like a picnic at a location you love, or perhaps you could go for a different city to take in some culture. 

12) Bake a cake

I know what you’re thinking: I can’t bake for toffee. But you don’t need to me Nigella to come up with a tasty edible treat. Pick a simple recipe (like these jam pies), make them and offer them to your partner as a gift. Everybody knows the feeling that you get when somebody goes to the effort of baking you a birthday cake. You don’t care how it looks, just that somebody has taken the time to make it for you. The same goes for homemade Valentine’s Day treats!

13) A museum day

There are museums everywhere, but when was the last time you explored the ones on your doorstep? You could spend a romantic day wandering around artefacts, discussing the things you see.  

14) Badminton or tennis

Badminton and tennis take two, so these are great date-day sports. It’s also a fabulous option for couples that like a little competition. Many parks have free tennis courts that you can use, or you could book out a badminton court at your local leisure centre. 

15) Wild swimming

There’s something rather exhilarating and romantic about open water swimming. It allows you to enjoy outdoor bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and rivers. If you want to do this, then of course you need to do your research beforehand and check that an area is safe before venturing. But wild swimming is a lovely way to enjoy nature together.

16) Cook something new

There are loads of recipes out there, so why not try a new one? You could cook for your other half and you could make an effort to eat at a set table, with the television off. Chat and listen to what one another has to say. The fact that you’ve gone to the effort of making something new will also mean a lot to your other half! 

17) Buy a little bit of something from the shop

Not all gifts have to cost the earth. You could go to the supermarket (or log onto Amazon) and buy your other half a token gift. You can pick up a bar of chocolate and a card for just a few pounds and whilst it will be clear that you haven’t spent the earth, your partner will know that you’ve put some thought and effort in.

Do these ideas really trump gifts, cards and opulence?

I hope that this list of cheap Valentine’s Day ideas gives you some inspiration for 14 February, because saying ‘I love and care about you’ isn’t about how much money you spend. But if you do want to buy your loved one a Valentine’s gift as well, then of course you can and if you have extra cash to splurge then you’re free to do so!

This list was just made to give you some inspiration if you are struggling for money at the moment. Or if you want to do something, but don’t really value Valentine’s Day as a holiday and choose to celebrate your anniversary instead. I will say this though, no matter what your circumstances are, you should always try and send a card. After all, a card only cost a few pence and the thought will go a long way. If you’re really skint, you could make one!

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Cheap Valentine's Day ideas - #14 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget'.