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Buying a new phone | How to buy a new mobile phone affordably

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If you’ve decided that you’re buying a new phone, then you’ve probably already explored secondhand options. So if you’ve made the decision to buy new, then follow my tips to get the best deal possible.

Haggle for your new phone before you buy

If you’ve just come out of contract on your pay-monthly phone, then you may be inclined to just sign up again and snag the latest handset. But before you do, ask your phone provider if they can do it for cheaper. You then need to write down the quote and call some other providers. Keep a cool head and weigh up your options accordingly. 

Consider going SIM only and forgoing a new mobile

If you’re after a new phone but you’re out of contract, then consider going SIM only.

There are some great deals out there. For example, I use Plusnet Mobile and I pay £10 per month. For that, I get 12GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. I’m really pleased with that, as it suits my needs and I rarely go over. 

You can still get a new phone if you decide to go down the SIM-only route. You can buy something separately. But by going SIM only, you’ll probably save a considerable amount of money off your monthly bills. Money that may help to justify a new handset.

Downgrade by one phone model

If you’re looking for a new phone, then consider opting for the second-latest model. If you do this then you’ll still be getting a decent phone, but you’ll likely save hundreds of pounds. 

Can you wait before buying?

If you absolutely must have the latest phone, then consider waiting a while to get it, rather than rushing to get the new phone deal done. Every time a new iPhone is released, the model that came before it drops down in price.  So consider waiting for the next release before purchasing the model that you really want. 

Similarly, if you know that a sale is coming up, like Black Friday, or the January sales, then it may be worth holding out. Phone companies often run special promotions during these periods, so this is often when you’ll find the bets prices.

Shop around before getting your new device 

When you’re buying a phone, it’s important to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. So do your research and don’t just be drawn in by the first deal you see. To be sure that you have got the best possible deal write everything down and weigh it up from there. 

Consider waiting until your broadband contract is about to expire and mention it in conversation

Most of us have broadband in our homes. If you wait until your broadband contract is about to come to an end before purchasing a new mobile, you’ll be in a strong position. Many mobile phone providers often offer broadband contracts and you can negotiate attractive deals if you’re willing to give then two different types of business. It is definitely worth bringing this up in conversation when you’re enquiring about the different deals available.

You should know what kind of internet deal you’d be looking for before mentioning it though. But if you do end up signing up for something that you then decide isn’t for you, then make sure you back out of the deal. You’re well within your consumer rights if you decide to go back on a new contract shortly after taking it out. The usual cooling off period, where you can withdraw without penilty, is 30 days.

Approach credit with caution 

You might think that it makes sense to put the cost of a new phone on an interest-free credit card, or to use a buy now pay later scheme. But I’d do this with caution. Yes, it is possible to get a good deal. I got an additional 10% off my handset by using a buy now, pay later scheme, but I knew I had the cash to pay it off as soon as that discount was added to my account. 

Remember that offers on credit that are often pushed in store, are often used to lure people in. So if you’re not absolutely sure that you will pay it back within the time frame, it’s best to avoid credit. 

My experiences when I bought my new iPhone

I wouldn’t recommend that you regularly purchase a new handset, but if you’re buying a new phone, I do think it’s possible to get one for a good price. By downgrading a model and combining a Black Friday offer with a credit for getting a buy-now-pay-later agreement, I was able to get my Apple iPhone for cheaper than I saw it secondhand.There’s no reason why you too can’t hunt out a cheap deal when you’re buying a new phone.

As long as you keep a cool head when looking for new phones and do your research on mobile phone contracts, you will be okay. If you do go down this route though, you should ensure that it’s an aspect of the lifestyle creep that you’ve acknowledged and you’re happy with.

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