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11 reasons to buy a toy storage bag

A toy storage bag for LEGO and Stickle Bricks.

Do you ever start using a product and then wonder why you didn’t know about it before? Well that’s how I felt when I started using a toy storage bag. Here, I explain why you need to invest in one:

What’s a toy storage bag?

It’s a pretty simple concept (even though I didn’t think of it myself). This product is predominantly a blue plastic play mat that converts into a drawstring bag. You can use it to store any toy that you like and it’s well made so you won’t need to worry about it splitting or breaking under pressure.

Why do you love it?

I think that this play mat (which turns into storage), is just brilliant and something that most parents would benefit from buying. Here’s why toy storage bags are a winner:

1) It’s great for bricks

If your child plays with Stickle Bricks, Duplo, or Lego, then this bag is perfect. You can store the whole collection, or at least part of it, within this toy storage bag.

But if your child isn’t into bricks, then you could put other items in there. This mat is great for any toy that has a lot of parts.

2) It makes tidying easy

The great thing about this toy storage bag is that you can put all the items onto the mat and then convert it into a bag by tightening the drawstring. It makes tidying up simple and show me a parent who isn’t a fan of that!

3) It doubles up as a play mat

This may primarily be a toy storage solution, but it doubles up as the perfect play mat. The mat has a circumference of 150cm, so there’s plenty of room for toys and for your child to sit on it.

4) It’s waterproof

We all know that kids can be clumsy, but if a drink is spilt on this mat, then there’s no need to worry. It’s waterproof, so it’s super easy to clean.

5) Simple storage

There are only so many boxes, drawers and cupboards in the house, so alternative storage solutions and drawstring children storage is often welcomed.

6) You’ll buy less toys

It can be difficult to keep toys together, especially if that toy comes in lots of fiddly parts. In our house we were always looking for building blocks, so we always seemed to be buying more. Now that we finally have a spot for all of the stickle bricks, we have bought less. I think this is because they’re less likely to be lost now they have a home.

7) You can transport it

Have you ever tried walking up the stairs with arms full of LEGO? It’s tricky when when you have hundreds of bricks and only two hands. But this drawstring storage bag makes transporting bricks up the stairs (or anywhere else) easy.

8) It will grow with your child

The best thing about this bag is that it will grow with your child. When your child’s tastes change, you can change the toy. This means that while your kid graduates from Duplo to LEGO, the bag can transition with them.

9) You can take it on holiday

If you’re going on holiday, then you’ll want to take this toy storage bag with you.

It’s great for taking on caravan holidays, as you can open it up outside the van, or inside if the weather turns. You can take it abroad too. Pop some toys in there, pull the drawstring and then throw it into the suitcase.

10) It’s affordable

Understandably, you may not want to pay a lot of money for an item that you don’t categorically need. But you can snap one of these up for under £10, so it won’t break the bank.

11) It makes life easier

This toy storage bag will make your life easier. It makes storage simple, tidying is easy and you can transport your kid’s toys hassle free. It’s also easy to clean, it’s sturdy and it can be used alongside different toys. We think these bags beat boxes every day of the week.

I honestly think that purchasing this product is a no brainer, so buy one today. You won’t regret it!

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11 reasons to buy a toy storage bag