Budget Planner

Many of us find budgeting tricky, so I’ve created the tool that I always wanted; an interactive budget planner.

This tool allows you to add your income streams, to work out your outgoings and you get to see how much should be left over. But that’s not all, you have the ability to print the results, or to email yourself a copy if that’s more convenient. For free. This is a completely free resource.

This budget planner is my way of giving back to you. I hope that you find it useful and share it where you can.

What is the budget planner?

This money planner works a bit like an Excel money planner spreadsheet, in the respect that you can tweak, change and personalise it. But you don’t have to do the work.

There is space to include your income streams. This includes overtime payments, your partner’s income, as well as any child benefit payments, or dividends that you may receive. You can add the free money that you have coming in too, simply by adding an extra line and inputting the information. But if one of those fields isn’t relevant you can delete it. Equally, if you need to add something, you’re able to.

The outgoings tab includes electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone and car insurance. Again, there’s the ability to add lines, so you can totally personalise this budget planner.

This calculator has been formulated to cater for a UK audience, but if you live somewhere else, then you could discount the GBP sign.

Print it, email it, keep it

You are able to get your results printed, or alternatively you can get them emailed over. If you take the email option, then your details won’t be saved, stored or used by anybody.

This a completely free money planner, without any strings and if your situation changes, then you can simply come back and do your sums again. Use it as many times as you need to.

I hope that it helps you to work out your family budget. Just click on the box below to open the tool!

Budget planner - the ultimate money planner calculator