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Welcome to October… and Blogtober

Four trees with yellow, red and brown leaves on them.

October has landed and to celebrate the month that brings us crispy leaves, pick your own pumpkins and Halloween, I thought I’d do something a bit different. 

Blogtober is an event that some bloggers take part in annually, to ensure they’re posting frequently and to discover a bit more about one another. I don’t tend to share information about my general likes, so when Jupiter from Life with Jupiter and Dann asked me to take part in her Blogtober tag, I thought I’d join in.

So here are the questions I was asked to answer: 

What’s your favourite autumnal scent?

I love the smell of wood burning. I know it isn’t bonfire night until November, but October is the month when you put the wood fire on. For me, nothing quite beats the smell of burning wood. 

Do you prefer pumpkin pie or apple pie?

This is a no brainer for me. I’d choose apple pie (with custard) every time!

What’s the one autumnal tradition that you have?

I don’t have an autumn tradition yet. However, last year, I collected leaves that had fallen from the trees and I used them to create some artwork with my son. I’m planning to do this with him again this year. 

I also have a Halloween candy bowl which comes out each year. I fill it with treats for the kids that come knocking. 

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

I will be dressing up, but I’m not sure what to go as yet. I’ll be sure to find a cute costume for my little boy; Arthur too. Last year he dressed up as a pumpkin, a vampire and a skeleton. 

What are you most excited for about autumn?

I’m really excited about going for long walks with my family. I love walking in the autumn as the air is cool and the leaves are crunchy. I also find that this season tends to be dryer than others, so it’s the perfect time to explore the great outdoors, as you don’t always need to take your umbrella. 

What’s your favourite scary movie?

I’m not really a fan of scary movies, as I prefer to wanderlust in front of the tele. But I do like The Rocky Horror Show; which I watch it for the soundtrack and dance routines. 

What is your favourite Halloween sweet treat?

I love cinder toffee.

Favourite item that’s pumpkin spiced?

My Yankee candle. I love burning new candles in the autumn. 

What is your warmest autumnal memory?

Last year was my son’s first autumn and I decided to mark this by creating a bumpkin. This involved painting his bottom with orange paint, getting a print of it and turning it into a picture of a pumpkin. This was really fun to do and I look back on it as a very happy memory.  

What is your favourite autumn must have?

I love crocheted blankets. My mother-in-law-to-be made me one last year. It’s an autumn essential for me. I love nothing more than curling up in a blanket when the weather starts to get cooler.

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Happy October (and Blogtober) to you all!