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The best cashback website: free cash for all

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TopCashback is one of my favourite money-saving hacks and I think it’s the best cashback website. It works by members logging on, searching for a retailer and clicking through. You then make your purchase like you ordinarily would and TopCashback tracks the transaction. The retailer then sends TopCashback a small referral fee for sending you there and that money goes straight into your cashback account.

Is TopCashback the best cashback website?

I’ve tried a couple of different cashback sites, but this is the one I’ve stuck with. It’s easy to use, the tracking is reliable and in my experience, it usually gives a generous return. TopCashback also has an app, which enables me to make purchases on the go.

There are over 4,000 retailers listed on TopCashback, which means that I get a small monetary kickback from most of my online purchases. Sometimes it’s just a couple of pence; I earned 7p from a hobbycraft purchase last month. But other times the pay-off is chunkier; I got £80 for moving our internet over to Vodafone.

Other stuff to keep in mind…

If your transaction doesn’t track then you can log a ticket and TopCashback’s team will look into it. Sometimes the query is resolved and the cashback ends up in your account. Other times it doesn’t. I think I’ve had about a 50/50 success rate with missing cashback claims.

I’m a Classic member, but you can upgrade to a Plus membership for an additional £5 per year. Plus you’ll get a 5% bonus added to all transactions. But unless you use the service a lot, I’m not sure I’d recommend it. I don’t use it myself. 

The site also runs regular giveaways where you solve daily riddles to win prizes. The clues take you to pages with flying hummingbirds. You click on the hummingbird and an image appears that links to a score card. Or you get an entry into the Mega Prize Draw at the end of the promotion. 

I’ve won the odd 10p or 20p by taking part in these giveaways and I quite enjoy trying to work the puzzles out (when I remember to log on that is!). You have to play on the desktop website though, as the giveaways don’t work through the app. 

How long before I get the cash?

The money can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to six months to clear into your account. But as it’s money I wouldn’t usually have, the delay doesn’t bother me. You can then get it transferred directly into your bank account via BACS, or converted into a voucher to spend with a retailer (this option often comes with an additional top up).

The image how the back of a woman who is typing on a computer. The text over the image reads: ‘Hacks -- free money for all – TopCashback.’ TopCashback is a popular cashback website.

Is it worth it?

This website isn’t going to make you rich and it’s just one way to save money when shopping online. But TopCashback is free to use and your shopping doesn’t cost you any extra when you use TopCashback, so I don’t see any drawbacks. There are other cashback sites out there. And it is worth comparing a few different cashback sites if you want to get the best return every time. But I’m happy sticking with one site, as I don’t always have the time to compare for the sake of a couple of pence. And I honestly think that TopCashback is the best cashback website out there. 

I’m not convinced that the paid-for membership is worth it, but I’d recommend a Classic membership to all. I’ve never made a purchase just for the cashback, so any money I do get back is a nice bonus. 

I have been a member of TopCashback for four years now and within that time I’ve earned a respectable £547.36 by shopping as usual. You need to sign into your account at least once every six months otherwise it will become dormant, but you might find that logging on becomes part of your online shopping routine. It certainly has for me.

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