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How to create the perfect baby gift box for a newborn | Baby gifts, boxes and sets

Giving a baby gift box they will love

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a wonderful time. It’s the most incredible thing for new parents to go through. It’s life changing and absolutely incredible. Well worth celebrating! If you are a friend of the parents, maybe a relative of the new arrival, how can you find the perfect baby gift box? Let’s look at everything cute and cuddly!

Baby gifts for new arrivals

Firstly, there are hundreds of different choices when you are looking for a baby gift box. You can find them online or in a range of retailers in your local town. You can purchase empty boxes which you can fill yourself (we’ll get onto DIY options below), however there are lots of premade, prefilled and even rewrapped gifts you can purchase.

If you know whether the parents are expecting a boy or a girl you could go down the stereotypical route of baby pink or blue, however you might want to stick to neutral colours like yellow or green. Perhaps you’d like the full palette of colours with rainbows? Maybe cute characters in black and white, that baby will love to look at?

There are also lots of different things you can find in a baby gift box. These usually include outfits, towels, toiletries, nappies, wipes and rash creams. It’s up to you what you go for, but combining cute with practical is often a winner with new parents. 

Baby gift box ideas - buying for a newborn

A DIY gift basket for baby

If you can find a cute looking baby gift box, you can then fill it with things that you think the baby will actually need and the parents will actually use. How about a photo frame that can be used to house the first photo taken of baby? Maybe a dual frame they can also have a picture of the family on display?

Parents will want to baby proof their homes and whilst the new bundle of joy won’t be moving far just yet, these items can be great gifts that continue to give well after they are received!

Teething toys, milestones cards and soothing scents which aid sleep are also great additions to your baby gift box. You might not be able to put it in a box, but you could consider getting them a baby bouncer, or a wrap, if they don’t already have one. My list of baby and toddler recommendations may give you some inspiration!

A hamper for mum and dad (it could include newborn gifts, or a baby set as well)

Don’t forget the parents in all of this gift giving. Mum is going to be exhausted, Dad is going to be beyond excited but anxious. If you can give them a little helping hand with the present, that’s a wonderful way to show your support. Maybe you could include a voucher for a supermarket delivery, or for a food app so they can order takeaways. If you’re handy in the kitchen, how about making them a hamper of homemade ready meals that can stock their freezer? Massage oils, pampering products and sentimental jewellery are also great options.

You could always collaborate on a gift with other friends. Maybe you could pay for a cleaner for a couple of months? This can help Mum and Dad enjoy these precious few months, whilst knowing the house is being kept on top of. As wonderful as cute outfits and cuddly teddy bears are, practical help can be a huge plus point for new parents.

Unique gifts for baby

Consider unique baby gifts which show you’ve put that little bit of extra thought into things. Personalised gifts are wonderful in this way, as you can add the baby’s name to a blanket, clock, or even a toy train set.

Check out sites like Etsy where you’ll discover small businesses specialising in unique baby gifts. You could add their name into a story or adopt a penguin for them. Animal adoption gifts usually come with a cuddly toy for bonus points! Additionally, these are the kinds of gifts that will be loved forever and kept for a lifetime.

Baby gifts that can be loved forever… a keepsake box

Consider getting a baby gift box that can be kept and used for other things. Normal cardboard boxes will likely be recycled. However a special box used to house some gifts can also be used throughout childhood. Maybe to keep toys in, perhaps as a place to keep nappies and wipes. You could even gift a box that can be used for keepsakes. These could also be engraved and personalised.

In conclusion, try to create a baby gift box that you’ll love to hand over. Furthermore, make it one that the parents will love to receive. Welcoming a baby into the world is something you’ll always remember, so make sure the gift is that extra little bit special.