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Alphabet dates | Date ideas don’t have to be expensive, here’s your guide to alphabet dating on a budget

This image shows a duck on a duck pond. It is being used to illustrate an alphabet dating idea (duck pond). The image has a green border.

Dating can be expensive, so you’d think that alphabet dates (where you base your activity around a letter in the alphabet) could get pricey. But with a bit of effort and imagination, you can do anything on a budget. Each of these alphabet dating ideas will cost you less than £10. 

Date ideas for all

There’s something for everybody on this list of alphabet dates, even if you are on a tight budget.

Most who decide to embark upon a list of alphabet dates start with the letter A. Enjoy homemade afternoon tea, go airplane spotting at your local runway visitor park, or help out at your local animal shelter. Alternatively, you could hit up the 10p machines at the arcade, head to an art gallery, or attend an author talk at your local bookshop.


Bake or barbeque together. Spend the day at the beach or at a botanical garden. Alternatively, you could go for a bike ride, or play a few games of bingo at your local hall.


Go on a canal walk, visit a castle, or go crabbing. If you’d prefer to stay at home, you could cook together, or enjoy a chippy tea, followed by a game of Connect 4. If none of those options tickle your fancy, then why not go for coffee, learn crochet together, or go camping.


Dancing is free! Darts is often free too, as a lot of pubs have their own board. Alternatively, you could go on a drive to a duck pond, double date with some friends, or go and donate blood!


Eat in together and catch up, have an eighties-themed night (complete with films, music and games), or simply exercise together. Another option is going out and exploring your local area.


Visit a farm, or a farmer’s market. Go on a ferry ride, visit a fort, or simply spend a morning fishing. Alternatively, you could eat fish n chips whilst watching a football game together, or do some flower arranging. If that isn’t for you, why not enjoy some fondue in a home-constructed fort in your living room. If you’d prefer to spend your date outdoors, then frisbee, or fruit picking could be an option!


Have an old-fashioned games night, or do some electronic gaming (which is only thrifty if you already own the console). Alternatively, you could garden together, glam up before a night in, or head out on a DIY ghost tour!


Visit your local pub for a happy hour drink, or enjoy a homemade hot chocolate together. Alternatively, you could head out on a hike, or visit a hat museum


If you’re after a night in, then you could watch an ice hockey game on YouTube, or have an Italian-themed night, complete with pasta and prosecco. If you want to head out, look for some free illuminations, like Blackpool illuminations. Or keep it simple by enjoying an ice cream together.


Take a dip in the Jacuzzi at the gym, followed by some jazz in the living room. Or you could use YouTube to learn to jive or juggle! Alternatively, you could just complete a jigsaw puzzle, whilst eating junk food!


Sing on karaoke, go kite flying, or learn to knit together. Alternatively, one of you could be king for a day (where they’re spoilt). 


Expand your mind by heading to the library, or attending a lecture together. Or you could watch some live music or a live TV recording. Or you could simply prepare a special lunch, or just have a lazy day.


If you want to stay in, then perhaps you could play a game of Monopoly. It’s not just a game for kids. You could choose between the best Monopoly games for adults! Or give one another a massage. For a date outside the home, visit a market, or a museum


There’s nothing quite like some fresh air, so visit a National Trust property, or a nature reserve. Have an evening out at a night market, or a night in to watch Netflix and chill! Or, if you’re a pair of exhibitionists, why not head to a nudist beach?


Create an obstacle course, visit an open-air swimming pool, or head out orientating. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to stay indoors, you could organise an area in the house together (like the spare room or the loft), do some origami, or even do a ouija board!


There are plenty of P activities to choose from when it comes to alphabet dating ideas. Paint together, have a pamper evening, chase Pokemon, hold a DIY couples photoshoot, go out for a picnic, read poetry together, or complete a puzzle. Alternatively, you could make pancakes with different fillings, make pasta, or create your own pizza! Games you could play include ping pong, poker, pontoon and pool. If it’s close to Halloween, then you could also do some pumpkin carving.


Visit one of the Queen’s residences (choose between Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyrood Palace, Balmoral, Sandigham, or Hillsborough Castle), or simply be a queen for the day!

 You could also have a quickie before attending a quiz night! 😉


Have a race, go for a run, create a rag wreath, watch a rugby game, or re-enact your first date! Alternatively, you could go on a riverboat cruise, ride a rollercoaster, go on a river walk, head out rock climbing, or go on a road trip. If those alphabet dating ideas aren’t for you, then simply cuddle up and watch a rom com


Build sandcastles at the seaside. Or head out for a swim, with some skinny dipping and stargazing thrown in! Other ideas include learning to salsa dance in your living room, having a scary movie night, or creating a scavenger hunt


T is for tango and tap dancing. If that’s not your thing, then consider a game of tennis, a train trip, or a night of trashy TV!


Go overseas with your alphabet dates by unplugging from the world by switching your phones off, or have a USA-themed night complete with a Friends boxset and a burger. 


Cook vegetarian food, volunteer for the day, or simply visit a new place!


Go for a wild swim, or just walk past a windmill! Alternatively, you could do some wine tasting at home.


Play on the Xbox (if one of you already owns one), watch an X-Men film, or partake in an  x-rated activity!


Start the day with some yoga, host (or visit) a yard sale, or simply have a day where you answer every question with the word “yes”.


Have a date over Zoom, just don’t forget to style your hair beforehand, or if you are together, curl up for a zombie movie night. If you’re feeling energetic, partake in some Zumba and if you’re not, why not catch some zzzzzzzz’s!

Enjoying alphabet dating a budget

I hope that this list of budget alphabet dates allows you to add some variety into your romantic life, without breaking the bank. You should also check out my ultimate list of alphabet date ideas — containing over 260 suggestions!

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