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All I want for Christmas is love

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We all know the Mariah Carey song All I Want For Christmas Is You. But what if there’s no significant other in your life? The festive period is usually a great time to find somebody, as Christmas parties, after-work drinks and festive nights out provide opportunities to kiss under the mistletoe. Christmas 2020 won’t allow us to do that in the same way, sadly. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on love. You just need to change your approach.

Why is Christmas a good time?

People tend to be in good spirits at Christmas. This time of year is all about friends, family, good food and good drink. Although 2020 won’t be the same as the years that have gone by, the cheer will still be within many of us. Who doesn’t want a happy Christmas after the year we’ve just had? So you can tap into that spirit, even if the Christmas party has been cancelled this year.

You deserve it now more than ever

If you’re single and you’d like to find love then why shouldn’t you? 2020 will go down as a tough year for us all and if you’ve faced it without a significant other to lean on, then it may have found it particularly challenging. So if you’d like to find somebody then you deserve to.

But how?

Obviously we can’t head to the pub for a party, or attend anther festive function, but you can still meet somebody locally. For example, Wiltshire singles could join a Wiltshire dating agency if they’re hoping to find their soulmate in their local area. As lots of social activities have been cancelled due the pandemic, there are plenty of people online, with time to fill, hoping to make new connections. So make the most of this.

Diversify your festive dating

In ordinary times, you may spend the Christmas period dating by going for drinks, going dancing, or even visiting the theatre. However,  just because the usual festivities won’t take place, doesn’t mean that you can’t have festive dates. You could go for a winter walk with a potential partner, or drive in separate cars taking in the local Christmas light displays before having a chat over a takeaway coffee in your respective cars. You might have to get creative, but it is still possible to capture the Christmas spirit when you’re dating this year.

Shouldn’t I just wait?

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us the importance of love and people. In many ways, 2020 has been a write off, but there is still time to turn it around. Just because you can’t socialise locally in the usual ways, doesn’t mean you can’t at all. You just need to change your approach and by joining a local online agency, you will be able to make local connections and explore them. So why wait?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t find your soulmate. So if all you want for Christmas is love, they you can find it. You just need to get out there and discover it. The time is now.

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