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100 healthy dinner ideas – variety is the spice of life

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Do you make the same meals week in, week out? Do you find a new recipe, make it six times in a month and then go off it? I used to be like that. Our family would eat the same things week after week. So I decided to come up with a spreadsheet, listing 100 healthy dinner ideas.

If you sit down and brainstorm the things that you enjoy making, then you may find the list is vaster than you first expect. I was easily able to come up with a list of 100 things, but if you’re looking for some inspiration then this list of frugal recipes may help. Many of the recipes on my list also go into dump bags, which I cook in my slow cooker. This means that I’m able to prepare them ahead of time. 

100 healthy dinner ideas: the spreadsheet

I made the list on a Google Sheet, which is saved on my Google Drive. On the spreadsheet, I include the name of each item. Spaghetti Bolognaise. Lasagne. Chicken curry. Chicken soup. Guinness and Mushroom Pie. You get the idea. I also have a list of meatless Monday meals on there to give me veggie inspiration. 

In the second column of my spreadsheet, I put links to recipes. This is especially helpful for me, because otherwise I find myself repeatedly Googling recipes and then feeling frustrated when I can’t find the recipe that I’d previously used. Of course, some of my favourite recipes come from books, so I note the name of the book and the page on the spreadsheet, rather than an online link. 

I also have a column containing all of the key ingredients, which is handy when I find something in the back of the cupboard, as I can reference the spreadsheet for the ingredient and I’m then presented with a list of ideas. I also mark items up with a ‘SC’ if the recipe is suitable for the slow cooker. 

Before my big monthly food shop, I take a look at my spreadsheet for inspiration and as I have it as a Google Sheet, I can also access it on the go. This means that I can do my online shop wherever I am. 

The image shows a woman in a white shirt with navy stripes on it, stood, holding a plate of food to the camera. The text over the image reads: ‘hacks: the list that keeps giving – 100 dinner ideas’.

Is it worth it?

I have found that having a spreadsheet containing 100 healthy dinner ideas has added variety to my family’s diet. It’s also saved us money, as it’s helped us to cut waste. 

I like that I can access my list anywhere, as it’s on Google Drive and it didn’t take me long to create either. It’s also something that I’ve added to over time.  

My list of 100 healthy dinner ideas is something I use regularly and it saves me time, saves me money and adds some variety to meal times. I’d recommend that you make one too.

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