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10 things to do with your toddler this summer

A happy toddler in a t-shirt. They are enjoying summer activities.

It’s officially summertime and we’re all hoping we will get some sunny more days to enjoy. If you’re wondering what you can do with your toddler during the summer months, then these 10 thrifty ideas may help. 

1) Go for a walk

Walking might seem like an obvious suggestion, but toddlers love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors, so take them to some new places. Don’t forget to pack a sun hat though, as well as water, sun cream and snacks. 

2) Go for a bike/trike ride

If you have a bike then you can put a seat on the back for your toddler. If you don’t, then maybe you could get your little one a trike? They will get lots of enjoyment out of it and it’s something that will grow with them. 

3) Go for a picnic

Picnics are always fun, especially in new places, so pack one before heading out on your adventures. Alternatively, you could set up a teddy bear’s picnic in your back garden, with your toddler’s cuddly friends. 

4) Make an outdoors play area

You don’t need much space or any fancy equipment to do this, just use a picnic blanket and some pots and pans. You could easily generate hours of imaginary play, with just a few ordinary household items. Alternatively, you could create an obstacle course, or incorporate some water play by getting the paintbrushes out and encouraging your little one to pain the fence with water.

5) Build a sandcastle

Toddlers love nothing more than creating and destroying sandcastles. This is something you can do in the sand pit at home, or at the beach. 

6) Collect shells

You will need a seashore for this one, but collecting shells is a lovely, thrifty activity. Just remember to take a bucket with you, to put your shells in. 

7) Plant a herb or a vegetable

Your little one is never too young to start learning about where their food comes from. So why not plant some seeds and watch them grow together? Just don’t be surprised if your toddler tries to eat the soil!

The great thing about growing herbs and vegetables is that you can eat them afterwards. 

8) Chalking

Toddlers love making marks. You could use chalk to draw a pictures with your little one, or even draw and play hopscotch. 

9) Paint stones

Get the paints out and write some positive messages on stones. You can then go and plant them on your walk for people to find and some areas have rock snakes that you can add to. Or, you could gift your painted stone to a loved one to use as a paperweight.

10) Paint with ice 

Pop some food colouring in your ice cube tray, add water, freeze and in a few hours you will have coloured ice paints to use. Painting with ice can be a little messy, but it makes for some great summer exploratory play.

These are my tips for things to do with your toddler in summer. You should also check out my article about thrifty things to do with your toddler in Autumn and if you’re looking for further inspiration, then these 365 kids activities may give you some inspiration. These 15 indoor play ideas and this list of fun days out may also help. 

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